Classic Leathers, Fresh Website

Those of you who have visited the Langlitz website prior to this November probably remember our old website, and undoubtedly agree it was time for an update. Old pictures were fun to look at, but modern photos of our products on our old website were less than prominent. We love our classic photos and certainly want to share our love of tradition with our customers; however, we also recognize that people want to see updated versions (now featuring color, hah!). In all seriousness, we love our leathers and are excited to be able to share that passion with you through a fresh website.

New blog for occasional updates

Communication and community are something we are constantly striving to uphold and improve. Our hope is that through this blog space we can share any Langlitz Leathers related news, thoughts, and important information we think you might be interested in. If you want more frequent updates, feel free to follow us on social media. This blog space is simply where we can occasionally take a little more time to share, and ensure that its here for everyone to wants to read (instead of relying on social media algorithms). To keep updated, be sure to subscribe to our email list as well.


Amplifying our Oregon Spirit

Many of you are from Portland, Oregon. We are always thrilled to meet with our locals! Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that don’t get to experience our Langlitz Leathers shop in person. We want to take that experience, that feeling, and try to share it with everyone. Our products and customer service reflect that.

A large part of the Langlitz mission is to proudly uphold the Made in USA mark. We strive to get our materials in the United States, and make most of our products right here in our Portland store. We also find a lot of joy working with other local companies to provide things we can’t feasibly do in house. This allows us to give our customers the quality they deserve, whether its a Langlitz Jacket or a t-shirt. In talking about the new website/blog today, I want to give a huge thanks to Upswept Creative. They are a local Portland company that we’ve had the pleasure of working with to bring you this updated website. A quality company with excellent customer service, Upswept Creative certainly reinforces our love of local.

Here is our official welcome to the website and the blog. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any comments or questions. We love hearing from you.
See you next time!