Made in the USA

Langlitz Leathers are 100% American Made.

Here at Langlitz Leathers, we take great pride in our work as well as all of the products that we sell. We care about providing the best products not just for our customers, but for the economy and the world. You can be sure that anything that you buy from us is Made in the USA. What does this mean to you?

To us, it means that the product is top-notch quality; it means that the workers that made it were paid well, working in good and safe conditions; it means that purchasing the product is supporting jobs for small local businesses and family businesses right here, in the USA; it means each dollar you spend is going right back into our economy.

Many foreign companies contact us in an attempt to have us sell their goods. Some even claim that they can put “Made In USA” tags on their foreign products. Be warned when shopping for American Made products, that there are “fakes” out there. Whenever you purchase a product in the USA it should be from a place that you can contact and can visit if you want to.

At Langlitz, we purchase our leather from tanneries in Wisconsin, New York, and California. We then use that leather to build garments and accessories right here, in Portland, Oregon. We also like to work with our great sister-companies Wesco (West Coast Shoe Company), Dehen, Beckel, and A.E. Nelson in Scio Oregon.