Frequently Asked Questions

How much do custom leathers cost?

The best is certainly not the cheapest. A high quality garment from Langlitz may cost substantially more than many of the imported garments commonly available, and they’re worth it. Not only will it give you years of service, but it will have substantial value when it comes time to part with it down the road. What surprises many people is that for a custom garment, our leathers are relatively inexpensive, sometimes being not much more than other popular brands. A deposit is due when you’re ready to start the order, and the rest is due when the garment is completed.
Give us a call, email, or request a catalog for specific prices.

How long does it take to build a set of leathers?

With wild rumors running rampant suggesting nothing short of a lifetime required for ordering custom leathers from Langlitz, the truth is much more satisfying. From less than a month during our slow seasons, to several months during our busy seasons; if you are local, drop by our shop to browse our selection of stock and used products that you can take home that day. We have hundreds of stock garments on the rack for those who want the same quality but do not require a custom fit and don’t want to wait.

Why buy custom motorcycle leathers?

Because that’s the way to get the best leathers! You can choose from a many different styles and options to best suit your needs; also, sometimes a custom fit is necessary for a good fit. By ordering a custom set of leathers from Langlitz, you will be benefiting from over a half century of experience that goes into building “The World’s Finest Motorcycle Leathers”.

What should I wear when getting measured?

Please wear a t-shirt and good-fitting jeans during the measuring process. This is important, regardless of what you plan on wearing under your leathers.

What happens if I make a mistake measuring?

First, relax! If you have any worries, concerns, or questions, give us a call and we can walk you through the measuring process. Some people think that a professional tailor will be safer, but that is not necessarily the case. Many professionals eschew reading our instructions (which simplify the measuring process) and make their own allowances–that is where problems can arise. Please follow our simple directions and do not make any allowances.
After measuring the best you can, don’t worry if you (or we) make a mistake… we’ll make it right. Sometimes perceived mistakes are not mistakes at all. For instance, your leathers will fit better when you sit astride your bike. Furthermore, they will change significantly as they break in. Occasionally there may be fit problems that can be corrected with simple alterations, or we can always build you another garment if necessary. So, give us a call if you have any concerns about the fit of your leathers and we’ll do our best to make you happy. And I might add that if all else fails and you simply are not happy with our leathers…..we will promptly refund your money!
Still feeling unsure about taking measurements? We have a PDF available for download, if you need some extra help!

How do I get to Langlitz from the airport?

If you are taking public transportation, please visit TriMet online to plan your trip. Otherwise see our driving directions page.

Can I buy a Langlitz Leathers from a local dealer?

Except for the Japanese market, which is served by Authorized Dealers, Langlitz Leathers sells directly to the customer.

Where can I get my Langlitz Leathers repaired?

While our leathers are tough, sometimes the rigors of motorcycling takes its toll. Occasionally repairs and alterations are necessary. Rather than risk having somebody without the proper machinery or experience work on your Langlitz Leathers, please return them to us for all your repair/alteration needs. Please call in advance so we can advise you what to do (this is especially important for alterations) before returning them. And of course, when shipping them to us, please include a phone number in case we have questions and a street address to where they may be shipped via UPS.

How long will it take to have my leathers repaired or altered?

Our goal is to complete simple repairs/alterations on the same day we receive them. Frequently we do simple repairs (such as replacing zippers) while customers wait, if they bring the garment to us. On more difficult jobs, we endeavor to ship them within a week.

Will Langlitz repair or alter other brands of leathers?

To allow us to provide quick service to those who own Langlitz garments, we avoid working on other brands.

How should I take care of my leathers?

Occasional attention is the best way to treat your Langlitz garment! Leather is similar to your skin, in that you should care for your leathers as you care for your body. Harsh chemicals and heat are detrimental to leather. Our leathers don’t mind water, but they do take some time to dry out. Just don’t put them in a hot dryer, or you will regret it! Also, they don’t like to be left wet in a dark garage or basement…..unless you want them to look white, fuzzy, and smell of mildew! After riding in the rain, let them dry out at normal room temperatures before hanging them up. Wax the zippers occasionally to keep them working smoothly. Simply carry a chunk of candle or paraffin about the size of your thumb in one of your pockets and run it up and down the teeth occasionally. And use a good quality (such as Langlitz Leather Dressing) leather treatment several times per year to keep the leather supple and water resistant.When the bugs get too thick, wipe them with a damp cloth (mild soap is OK) and let them soak for a few minutes. Then just wipe them off. If you keep your leathers well “dressed”, the bugs won’t stick very well, nor will paint! If your leathers eventually do get grubby, they can be commercially cleaned.

When can I visit Langlitz Leathers?

We typically are open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm, closed weekends except by appointment. We often close on the major holidays, and if they fall in the middle of the week (as the 4th of July may do) we have been known to take an additional day or two off at that time… call if you want to visit us near a holiday.

Why does Langlitz offer goatskin?

Goatskin is simply a great leather for bikers. It is relatively thin and supple compared to cowhide, but yet tough and water resistant. Ross Langlitz learned of its qualities while working in a glove factory in the 1940s, and offered it to those who wanted to avoid the heavier and less flexible hides typically used for biker leathers. Now, over half of our production is in goatskin!

Why does Langlitz recommend pants rather than chaps?

Chaps were originally designed for purposes other than motorcycling. Cowboys don’t fall off their horses and slide on asphalt for hundreds of feet on their butts! Our Westerns (leather pants) with long leg zippers are easier to put on than chaps, are more versatile (can be worn with or without jeans beneath), have pockets and give you much better protection from both the elements (rain) and pavement.

How long does it take to break in a Langlitz?

Our medium weight cowhide garments can take a few months of use as they soften up; however, goatskin feels like they are broken in the first time you put them on.

What leather thickness does Langlitz use?

We use the “ounce” method of measuring, where the weight of the leather is figured in ounces per square foot. Our lightweight leather ranges from 2.5 to 3 oz. Medium weight starts at 3 and extends to about 3.5 oz. (For those more familiar with the metric system, our 3 oz medium weight cowhide is approximately 1.2 mm.)

How can I tell if the leather jacket I have is a Langlitz?

If the jacket you have does not have a Langlitz Leathers label in it, it probably is not a genuine Langlitz. There have been many manufacturers over the years who’ve copied the Langlitz look. It is always possible the lining has been removed, or it is one of the very early Langlitz jackets that was built under the SPEEDWAY TOGS label.
In general, most Langlitz jackets are double stitched everywhere, except in select areas such as the under-sleeve and leg inseams. The jackets also feature an underarm (in the armpit area) gusset that looks like a flattened ellipse, which also has 3 eyelets for ventilation. Our thread is heavier than normal and the stitch holes are spaced far apart. The band of our Columbia has an “S” pattern stitched with square corners, rather than single stitch lines going from side to side. And in general, the construction looks robust and has a quality feel to it. After you see a real Langlitz, you’ll know what I mean!

Why doesn’t Langlitz Leathers expand?

It is our intention to remain a small, family-based business, that is responsive to our customers needs. By continuing in the tradition established by Ross Langlitz, we intend to maintain the quality and reputation he earned through many years of hard work.

Why doesn’t Langlitz sell leathers on their website?

Our business philosophy is different than many other companies. We appreciate the modern conveniences of computers, copiers, fax machines and the internet, but we don’t want them to change the nature of our business. Ross Langlitz maintained a personal relationship with many of his customers. We endeavor to continue in the same tradition, and find that ordering online takes away that personal contact that we find so vital to our business. When we build your custom jacket, we want to be able to build it right, for the person that we know from a conversation… not just an ambiguous order from a computer screen.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer military and cash discounts. Don’t forget to ask about it when placing your order.

How do I order my Langlitz?

If it is inconvenient for you to visit our shop in Portland, just request a copy of our catalog (which includes the order/measurement form), call us, or email us.

What if something is wrong?

We will work with you, doing everything in our power to build you the best leathers, and we back it up with a satisfaction guarantee.

How do I store my leathers when not wearing them?

You want to avoid sealing them up in something.  It’s best to use a heavy wooden hanger, and keep them in a closet you use, so the air will circulate some.  We keep pants folded over the wooden bar on strong wooden hangers, but you can hang them by the belt loops if you prefer.