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First Class Jacket

I received my custom jacket from Langlitz Leathers. Unsurprisingly, it is perfect.
On occasion, my work takes me to Portland, so I took an Uber to Langlitz’s shop on a couple of different visits. Their physical catalog is thorough, but I thought it would be nice to try on some actual jackets, compare styles, and get a close look at the various hides. Got myself a manufacturing slot and continued my research. On one visit, I found a pair of Competition Breeches that fit nicely. It’s worth a visit to check out the pre-owned jackets and pants. You might find something special.
A short while before my manufacture date, I went in for a fitting. That’s when I finalized the details of my jacket. They worked on stitching, pocket placement and lining, collar style, snaps, pads and a few other things. This visit was very valuable, but I’m sure some type of Zoom session would work also. These guys really know how to fit a jacket.
A short while later I got my jacket. I was knocked out by the fit, finish, style and quality. The workmanship is gorgeous. I now own a little piece of motorcycle history, a piece I can take riding every day. Hope to put a million miles on this beautiful coat they made for me.

Kent Sechler

You get what you pay for!

From start to finish I can’t say how extremely pleased I am with my overall experience with Langlitz. When I first reached out to put my order deposit in, had some great communication and felt reassured all my questions were addressed properly. Then when it was time to finally start my order, that same level of communication was there. As I wanted to make sure the measurements were perfect, I made the decision to fly to Portland solely for the fitting. With a string of bad luck I just happened to fly in on a weekend the whole city had shut down to bad weather including Langlitz. However, with some communication I was able to reach out to Benny who had swung by the shop briefly to do something and he was able to sneak me in! Truly a huge deal to me as that was the only reason I was in town. Thank you so much as that customer service was above and beyond! And just to add to this testimonial, the icing on the cake was the gear I ordered was perfection. The quality is unmatched as I said you get what you pay for. I am truly excited to now have my own Langlitz gear and I would highly recommend anyone considering to do business with them. Thank you!

Keith Gray

The leathers arrived and they are amazing.

They fit superbly. I would like to thank you all for a terrific customer experience from your informative email responses to Bennie’s patience and kindness during the video measurements. It is so refreshing to get that sort of customer service and care. I think it must be an American thing because British service is generally shit!! 😆Please pass on my regards for a job well done to Bennie and your whole team.


Langlitz Saved My Life

I have been riding motorcycles for over 31 years with almost a 100,000 miles of total ride time. I bought my tailored Langlitz in 2013 and have used it for motorcycle riding. On March 8, 2024, I had a very bad collision on my Harley that involved an SUV. I high sided over the bike and hit the SUV with my torso and the Langlitz absorbed much of the impact. I bounced off the SUV hitting the concrete barrier and landed on the shoulder of the highway but my Langlitz absorbed much of the impact. I am fortunate to be alive with a few broken ribs. It could have been so much worse but thanks to my Langlitz and skill and experience of riding I have minimal injuries. My Langlitz jacket has hardly any scratches. I do need to order some Langlitz leather cream and my jacket will be good as new, but with some hard earned road mileage as an outstanding leather jacket.

Curt Velasquez

Love my Langlitz

I was introduced to Langlitz Leathers back in 1990 when I lived in Portland. The wife & I both were able to purchase Columbia goat skin jackets off the rack. Mine is now 34 years old and is on its way back to me with a brand-new liner and only the second replacement zipper.
That said, “I LOVE MY LANGLITZ JACKET”. 34 years old and still sweet!! I use their dressing only every year and still is in awesome shape. Goat skin is the only way to go especially if weight is a factor.

Thank you to John and all the staff @ Langlitz! As long as I ride, I only wear my Langlitz! Can’t wait for Monday (that’s when it is due back).

-Michael Denny

Michael Denny

It was worth the long wait

I traveled all the way from Japan to order my dream Langlitz Leathers.

The service at the store was fantastic, making it a wonderful experience for me.

They took my measurements carefully and explained the various options available in a way that was easy to understand.

Thanks to them, I was able to make the perfect order.

While waiting for the jacket to arrive in Japan, just like their in-store service, they promptly responded to my emails and any questions I had, so I never felt anxious.

Once the jacket was completed, they shipped it immediately, and it arrived in Japan within a week.

The jacket I finally received fits me perfectly and is truly wonderful.

It was worth the long wait. Everyone should wear a custom-made leather jacket at least once in their life.

And for me, it can only be Langlitz Leathers.

I want to order another new jacket!



I have just inherited my uncles Columbia jacket and a pair of Langlitz pants and they fit me perfectly.The funny thing is that he actually never used them. They are brand new and from the 90’s. Honestly, I can’t take them off. They are amazing. I am am in awe at how beautiful and well made Langlitz lathers are. You can feel the craftsmanship. I own a vast motorcycle leather collection but Langitz is in no doubt the best there is!! The customer service is beyond personal as well and they really show what old school American smalll business is all about, heirloom products that last and get passed on to generations ahead. Thank you guys. -Dr.J

Jules Medina

Still enjoying as much as ever!

Several years back, I took the plunge, investing in a pair of custom leather breeches with a white leather stripe along the sides. Ordered as well a police style motorcycle jacket accommodating a Sam Browne belt and fur jacket collar. Since as a kid in the mid-50’s, I took notice of the booted leather-jacketed motorcycle cops, greatly admiring the look. I wanted that too. Having someone measuring me up, it took about four months for the order to arrive. Opening the box, taking in the aroma of the stiff heavy leather, it was intoxicating. The feel at first wearing exceeded expectations. It was a hot August day though that didn’t bother me in the least, getting fully geared up. Augmented with knee-high riding boots, leather ascot, latigo gauntlet gloves and police style helmet, taking it all in in front of a vanity mirror, breaking out a sweat, it was like nothing else. Just me and this special investment with no regrets what so ever! Am sure others could write a similar story.

Robert Sides

I wore the jacket during the holidays and got rave reviews.  The kids at work rate it as “awesome”.  Thanks again.  Very happy with it, although I think I should have had epaulets.  LOL  Oh well, maybe next one.

Hope everyone at Langlitz has an amazing New Year!


Truly The World’s Finest Motorcycle Leathers.

I ordered my Competition Breeches and Columbia jacket (with lots of customization) and had high expectations.  The Langlitz crew exceeded my expectations!  Scott and I spoke several times prior to my gear being crafted, and John thoroughly reviewed my measurements.  John even thought I may have measured my knees incorrectly just by comparing all of my measurements, and he was right!  That speaks to his many years of experience as a production manager.  The fit is amazing, the craftsmanship is beyond reproach!  I am a completely satisfied customer. For what it’s worth, many people have already complimented me on my gear.

Suggestions for new customers: if you cannot go to the shop in Oregon for a fitting appointment, fear not.  Simply follow the detailed videos that provide tips for a proper set of measurements (I watched them several times with my husband prior to his measuring my breeches and jacket).  Provide photos of what you’re looking for to Scott; it gives the Langlitz crew an idea of what you have in mind, particularly if you’re customizing your gear.  Purchase leather dressing and zipper wax for your gear; your gear is an investment, so you should treat it as such.  And understand that it takes time, and it is an investment when buying the world’s finest motorcycle leathers.  You will NOT be disappointed.


First time of the year

I write a testimonial every year when I get my jacket out for the first time I have lost a couple of pounds this year not intentionally but it worked out that way and my coat is fitting even better than it ever did every time I get this out for the first time of the year I just cannot believe how it fits and how it hangs it’s like you’ve been wearing it for your whole life thanks Scott and Benny and John you’re the best


My old jacket is back.

My Columbia had sat in my closet for 10 years

I called and talked to John and he said they could help me out.

Also a repair to worn lining at the neck.

It’s now enlarged and I’m loving it all over again !
Like an old friend coming back.

Thanks to langlitz employees

Blake Strange

It fits perfectly

I would like to thank you for the jacket. It is absolutely perfect! Amazing piece of leather, it fits perfectly. Great job! Many thanks again and again!

Thank you very much.

Peter from the Czech Republic

Absolutely amazing

After waiting about 10 months to get my flight jacket, I was shocked when it arrived. It was beyond my expectations, from the quality of the workmanship to the quality of leather. Everything was as expected and more, amazing functionality and super comfortable. Scott in the office was super helpful in helping me pick out options and colors. The jacket is worth every penny!

Steven Valchuis

The Finest Leather I Have Ever Owned

I’m loving my new leather! In my 55+ years I’ve had at least a half dozen leather jackets, including from the U.S., and Germany back in the day, and my new Crescent is second to none. It beats them all. The quality and fit of this jacket are outstanding! It’s well worth every penny and the wait. The folks that work there are equally top-notch. Scott even caught a problem with the measurements I originally submitted and helped me get it right. My Langlitz fits like a glove. Perfect. One of the best decisions I have ever made.
Thanks Fellas!

Carl B.

Just want to say that I love my leathers. It fits like a glove and I feel great wearing them.

You guys have done an outstanding job!

Roy Moland

Scott I can’t thank you enough.  Amazing.  I’m  thrilled as always with the service that I get from Langlitz.  So, you know, I  wear my leather all the time and after 20+ years it’s still in Amazing condition. Quality speaks for itself.

Win Thalheim

It was so nice to find a leather store like Langlitz.

Hello Langlitz staff, this is Yuji from Illinois. I just visited your shop. I truly enjoyed meet you all. You were so easy to interact with. I enjoyed being there. I had no plan to pick up a jacket but I did.

You all were so friendly and nice. This includes Akita. I appreciate it.I just lightly oiled the jacket that I bought. I will enjoyed it years to come.

I hope to visit you again in the future. It was so nice to find a leather store like Langlitz.

See you in the near future


This is that jacket I will be recognized by for decades to come

I heard about Langlitz from a dear friend and father figure named Don Folgueras who was a long-time motorcycle badass and guitarist/singer. By complete chance I ended up living in Portland and got the idea for a brown, collarless cafe racer-style jacket, so I walked in one day to meet the Langlitz team. They found a jacket in the style I wanted, did a few measurements, agreed on a few details like white thread, and said we’ll see you in a year!

It arrived this past March and immediately became my One Jacket. It’s nerve-wracking to buy something custom and not get to see how it looks/fits/feels before you own it; in this case, the match was perfection. I get compliments all the time and recently learned that I’m known as “the guy with the cool jacket.” I’m 43 and back in college getting a music degree, and to my great amusement was just told that I’ve become the “Zaddy” everyone’s talking about, and the conversation always revolves around the jacket.

There’s no questions that this jacket, however stylish it may be, is a die-hard motorcycle jacket. It has so much heft to it I could probably use it for self defense in a pinch. Every component is solid, hand-made, with no cheap corners cut. It really is a lifetime jacket and, more than that, one that has now become my signature garment. Super grateful to the team at Langlitz and proud to tell anyone who asks about you guys.

Alex Ryan

I ordered my Langlitz Padded

I ordered my Langlitz Padded Pocket Columba jacket and Rangers breeches on January 2022 and arrived at the beginning of September of the same year.
Having studied art history, in my opinion, Langlitz’s creations should be exhibited in some museums: they are real works of art.
When I opened the package an intense smell of leather came out. And the magnificence in its entirety and beauty appeared.
I was blown away by the beauty and high quality of the details.
Both the jacket and breeches fit and fit me perfectly and didn’t need any touch-ups.
My feelings and sensations when I wear them are beyond words.
I would like to thank the entire Langlitz team, from the people with whom I have been in contact to the people who cut and sewed my items, for their patience and their professionalism.
Sure, I am going to order something else soon.


Just received my Columbia.  Exceeds expectations!  Very cool and worth twice the wait.  Thank you.  Can’t wait to see my K9 in the spring.


Cheers to another 75 years

I just received my brand new Cascade, and everything I’ve heard about Langlitz is true! I’m probably the average age demographic, a long time motorcyclist, and someone who has wanted for years to have a custom built leather. I’m also someone who has owned and maintained lesser quality gear. If you have the means, I highly recommend going this route. The quality and craftsmanship are instantly recognizable, and if you are a rider, this is a great investment. Cheers to another 75 years, and thanks for the great customer service.


I visited the store yesterday and lucked out with one of your racked jackets. Went over it with critical eyes and greasy hands in the evening, then rode it out to Vernonia this morning. This isn’t just a good jacket, it is an inspiration. The combination of purposeful, simple design with skilled, careful craft is a rare pleasure.

Jonathan B

I’ve received my order today, it was indeed very quick.

Both garments look amazing, and they both fit very well, I’m definitely thrilled with them!

Many thanks for your work, you seem like a very familial but definitely professional firm, and it’s been very easy and pleasant to deal with you. All my best to Langlitz crew, you’re doing an amazing job!


To the Langlitz team…

The leather is beautiful, the structure of the jacket and the breeches are robust, and most importantly, the fit is perfect. Not to forget, the prompt and friendly communication between us really made everything seamless and easy. You all have definitely done an amazing job and I am glad to be one of the several supporters and wearers of Langlitz Leather for many many years to come. Thank you all very much!


Hi Scott and all,


Just want to let you know that I have received my leathers. Love it very much. It fits really well and look great!

Thanks again for the perfect products 🙂


Dear Mr Bennie

Some months ago I received a pair Langlitz breeches.
I called you on receiving them complaining that they did not fit correctly. In hindsight I realize I over reacted. It was a very stressful time in my life. I was so upset you offered me the option of returning the breeches. You strongly stressed that they needed to be worn and in time they would “break in” nicely.

I was very impressed by your offer to return the breeches, to me it spoke to integrity and belief in the quality of your products. As a result I decided to trust you, keep the breeches and wear them in. I know its no surprise to you that you were 100% correct!
The breeches are wearing in very nicely and fitting better with each wearing.

I wanted to get back to you and thank you for your patience and generosity of spirit during those phone calls in March. I also wanted to apologize for any stress I may of caused you or your staff.

A very happy Langlitz customer

Best regards


Customer service…

Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2022 9:31 AM
To: Langlitz Leathers
Subject: Just wanted to say thanks

Just wanted to send a quick note to you guys. I have had nothing but the best customer service experience over the last 6 years with the langlitz team. Bennie has dealt with me the majority of the time but every now and then I get Scott on the phone or who ever. Anyways just wanted to say thanks for the awesome experience each and every time and I can’t wait for my new k9 to show up in the mail.

Have a blessed day

Beau Hart

Beau Hart


custom made racing leathers by Langlitz Leathers for me 47 years ago. Still racing after all these years. you guys are the best.

Mark Apple


In February 2020, while visiting family in Portland, Oregon, I decide to swing by Langlitz Leathers (common routine for me) to get some items and check the reconditioned leather rack. It was at that moment I decided to fulfill my bucket list dream to get a custom- made leather jacket.

When I got my jacket a few months later I was completely blown away. I have thoroughly enjoyed wearing it on many fun rides over the last 2+ years. This made me realize that I need pants.

My expectation for the pants was extremely high and I was not disappointed in the least! Langlitz, as always, has lived up to its name and reputation with flying colors!!

For those that are waffling on taking the step to purchase custom leather gear, DON’T WAIT!!!! I have purchase numerous jackets (6) and pants (2) over the past 4 decades of riding and I wish I just went to Langlitz first. Whether you go in and get measured (as I did for my jacket) or measure per their guide at home (pants) the product fit and finish is amazing!

Langlitz Team is unsurpassed in walking you through any questions and concerns you may have while building your custom gear.

Join the Langlitz Leather family and take that step now! 

Con K.

Constantine N Kontaxis

Three years and still enjoying!

Summer of 2019, brought about the purchase of a set of custom Langlitz Leathers – police style motorcycle jacket and flared leather breeches with white leather stripes down the sides. Can hardly believe it’s been almost three years!. Augmented with a pair of knee high riding boots, gauntlet gloves and police style helmet, the look and feel in front of a vanity mirror and bright lights was off the charts! After several wearing’s, the heavy stiff leather essentially molded itself to my body. Memories came back as a kid in the 50’s, seeing booted leather-jacketed motorcycle cops and what that did for me. Didn’t at the time, talk much about this, where today it’s a completely different matter. It was of course a pretty heavy investment but worth every cent! The world wide web has brought many of us with the same likes together, where we can share photos and videos and the unmitigated pleasure of such interactions! What could possibly be wrong with that.


Bob Sides

Such a great set of leathers for the ride!

I was a little wary about spending so much money on motorcycle leathers, but not only did I want to make sure I was warm for the ride and ready for the slide should it happen, I wanted to look my best in my leathers, and Langlitz nailed it perfectly. I ordered a padded Columbia jacket, competition breeches, as well as a set of Rangers, and the team hit the nail on the head the first time. Furthermore, that team did so from the start of the process, by guiding me through the measurements, to the end of the process when I received that last box containing my Langlitz Rangers. When I opened those boxes and smelled and felt those leathers, I knew I had made the right choice. They are completely worth the investment. Now I’m the envy of all of my biker buddies and know I will stay warm and safe on the bike during those colder months, and I get to look great while doing so.

Carey Nigh

Thank You!

The stories about Langlitz is real. I am used to getting fitted in person. But my Langlitz was fitted through emails. Their system works. Just as if I was fitted in person. I’m impressed with what the Langlitz team did for me. Just WOW! Thank you!

Thomas Lee

The Best Period! – Quality, Knowledge, Customer Service

Just received my latest (4th) custom jacket from Langlitz, a gold K9 with dress collar, and like always it exceeded all of my expectations. The quality, workmanship, attention to detail can’t be matched. The whole team is top notch. After consulting with Scott, I was originally going to have this one made as a rough out jacket. When my order came up to be cut, the experienced staff pointed out that that might not deliver a first rate look and they reached out to discuss options. I made the switch to smooth out and couldn’t be happier. This is just one of many examples of a well functioning team of individuals who really know their stuff and care deeply about each and every item they create to make sure their customers receive the very best. Thanks guys! – pete

Peter Zabarylo

This is an easy testimonial.

As this is my second purchase from you and your skilled team.

My first build from you folks was a custom Columbia, goat skin with cossack collar and details.

What a Beauty  !!

I loved that jacket, and it served me many miles while riding my Moto Guzzi – Bassa, exceptionally well.  MANY positive comments.

Check your history of testimonials, you might find mine in there somewhere.  May ’07.

I have since given up riding, turning a new (old) chapter in my life.  I have since, three seasons ago, passed my Columbia to a dear friend and Trike rider, a perfect fit for him.  VERY impressive on him.

Then I soon realized that I was lonely, no bike, no leather, …sigh … what to do ?  What to do …??

I wandered the “bike shops” seeking solace (could not resist the James Bond ladies comment).  No help.

I found your older catalogue a few months ago, while going thru my stuff for a move.

HA  !  EUREKA !!

I saw your vest offerings.   Oh boy, I was on the hunt !!

I was encouraged by a photo on your web site of your rep in Japan, Ken, sporting a straight line style vest, vs a western style.

HA  !  EUREKA !!  I have found it !!

You and I worked together via email, to build my new custom Langlitz vest.

I wear it now, while I type.  (Type ~ Ride, sort of close ?)

Lead time (~5months) was not a problem for me at all.

I knew that quality and fine workmanship care was coming my way.

Thanks again Scott !

Let your Team know that I thank them, and wear my new vest with them in mind, and chest.

I am very satisfied with my purchases from Langlitz, both of them.

Ride Safe, and Dress for the fall in Langlitz Leathers !

Don’t fall, but if you do …….. Langlitz.


My husband has one of your jackets he bought in the mid 60’s and it has his name in the jacket. Thank you!

And looking at your website it brought back beautiful memories, for him, from his motorcycle riding days wearing his horse skin jacket.

Thank you for the memories and for providing such a beautiful and safe garment to the love of my life who is now 80 years old and no longer riding??


Happy to have a new Langlitz Jacket and Pants

Hello, I would like to tell you that the jacket and trousers that my son Richard bought for me from you on 02/08/2022 arrived safely at my house. The combination fits perfectly. Thanks to you especially the kind man who tried on the jacket and had his picture taken. Greetings from Germany Andreas Sachse, happy owner of a Langlitz leather suit. At the pictures, that’s me.

Andreas Sachse


I got a used Columbia from Arthur at Avalon Antiques in 1987. After all these years it is still my ‘go to’ .The blood, pain and passion it has witnessed is more than I can remember. but unforgettable. She is my second skin. I just wanted to sat thank you.


The worlds best leather jackets, bar none

I have had the pleasure of owning and wearing Langlitz leather jackets for the last 30 years, they are the very best that you could buy anywhere, my first Langlitz is a custom made Columbia in goat it has been my trusty guardian for decades, my 2nd custom made Langlitz is also a Columbia in steer hide much heavier and has saved my skin on 2 occasions, and it is tough rigged and has protected me for many years, plus they look great nothing is or will ever be a Langlitz other than a Langlitz jacket, i am planning on a birthday surprise for my very close female friend and we will be stopping by Langlitz in Portland for her to get measured for he own custom Laglitz jacket with a female flair. Take a look at what Langliutz leather jackets bring on ebay, they are big bucks because they are the best bar none! I sit at work the weather is stiring but I look over at my desk chair and my trusty guardian awaits to protect me, long live Langlitz leathers they are the best!!

doug adams

Langlitz Store Visit

I should have posted this back in July of this year. I visited Langlitz way back in 1992 when I lived in Portland. The owner gave me a great tour and I found an older Colombia on the used rack. Fit like it was made for me, it was a beauty from back in the 70’s I was told. Made a mistake, sold it a few years later and have regretted it ever since. Fast forward to July 2021. I had some play money and had to have another Langlitz. My wife and I visited the store and Bennie was there to assist me in finding another Colombia. I tried on most of the used as well as a few beautiful new ones. He was very patient with us as I am a bit picky on my jackets. We had the store to ourselves for quite a while and I had a blast looking for the right jacket. I was having a blast! With several difficult choices to make, I finally settled on an older Colombia, with a round cafe collar with snaps instead of the usual high collar. It is dark brown in color and looks incredible. It even has the vintage zipper pulls on it. Bennie said it was dated from 1969-1970 time period which made me very happy as I love the vintage ones even more. My jacket is beautiful, fits just right. The quality and build of these jackets is very impressive. My vintage jacket still looks and feels new. I am very happy with it and the service my wife and I were shown while there. If you are on the east side of Portland, It is worth it to stop by the Langlitz store and check it out. Thank you Bennie for all the help and your patience! It was greatly appreciated!

Jeff Robertson

Langlitz leathers are the best

As a rider since long before most of you were born, I bought all my leathers from Ross.Langlitz. The always fit and in several instances saved my hide, literally. In the “Olden days” (you know when dinosaurs and few of us old dudes & dudettes) roamed the earth on Indians and Harleys. The leather and workmanship were of the highest quality. In the PNW if your are not familiar, it has a tendency to mist quite heavily. There was an item offered called a canvas lap robe. Heavy canvas that attached to the crash bars of every police and smart civilian motorcycle. It provided warmth from the engine in cold weather and dry laps during the “rainy season”… Ross was the only robe ever considered tough enough. Heavy canvas waterproof of course.
In the event you want a proper fit, I suggest you drop by Langlitz so your “custom fit”leathers will be properly tailored to you.
I’m now 73 and still riding. I intend to ride to the Sturgis in the sky!
Thank you Ross for your friendship and the robe& leathers.

Robert Jones

Crashed my bike but Langlitz saved my skin

Hi, I had my jacket custom made for me in 1996, I have ridden bikes for all my life, started at 6 years old and am now 62, my first bike accident occurred on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I was cut off on the highway in my home town of delta British Columbia, I crashed my bike avoiding a head on collision,I was wearing a rain jacket over my Langlitz. I attribute the heavyweight leather jacket to helping me reduce the severity of my injuries when I hit the pavement. I love my jacket and it will be passed down to one of my children,it fit perfectly from day one and I can’t say enough about the craftsmanship of the jacket. I wear it with pride.

Matt Mcqueen

Excellent Experience!

I received my Langlitz Leathers Cascade jacket and was nothing short of being completely overjoyed by the finished product. The experience in itself was fantastic. The Langlitz customer service is great. Bennie FaceTime’d me in order to walk me through the measuring process. (This relieved a certain amount of anxiety for my overthinking a$$.) Scooter helped me finalize all the details of the jacket. Needless to say after several back and forth emails, photos, etc…”we” were able to land on a final design. Scott was always chill. He made me feel confident in my decisions while guiding and suggesting what was cool or “not so bueno”. Holy sh$t the jacket is redic! It’s way badass. I can’t say enough about the Langlitz team. I hope anyone who reads this will have the same killer experience as I did. Peace.

Charlie Slovacek

25 years and still going

In the early 90’s I rode an old Moto Guzzi in Portland Oregon year round. In the snow, summer, it was my transportation. I needed a solid leather and might as well get the best, so I put a deposit down to get a langlitz. The wait was well over a year long and I needed the time save for it anyway. In April of 1996 my coat was completed and I scraped every penny I had together to pay for it. I have had a couple other coats and many motorcycles since. But the Langlitz is still with me and fits like the day I picked it up, thankfully, except it is well broken in now. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
Over the years it needed a zipper and leather conditioner from time to time. But so have I.
I got some riding pants about 10 years later, but I don’t ride all year anymore so they have not seen as much action as the coat.
The staff is always friendly and helpful when I visit, although I won’t need another motorcycle jacket in my lifetime. I feel fortunate to have been able to purchase a langlitz and wear it long enough to break it in. They also introduced me to Wesco Boots, also an old PNW staple and I doubt I will ever wear them about as well. When you buy the best, you only need to buy them once.
25 years old and it it is going strong.

Erik Clover

It took me a long time. Thinking, saving, hesitating. Trying one on in a shop in London. Then : decision. I want one. I need one! The time is right! It’s now or never. Getting in touch with Scott from Langlitz. Perfect communication. I felt very confident and at ease. They really helped me a lot. Perfect service! Scott made me feel like I was really heard and appreciated as a customer. He often refers to ‘Langlitz-owners’ as ‘Family members’ and he treats them as such. I also got some great advice from fellow Langlitz-owners on Instagram. Finished edged. Medium weight leather. Padden back panel. My favourites! It is my ultimate leather jacket. It is amazing. A-mazing. AH-MAAA-ZIIINGH!!!! It’s like when a car-lover buys his first Porche, Ferrari or Lamborghini. Many people in the leather community call this jacket ‘The Number One Leather Jacket’. I now know why! Sincere thanks to Langlitz Leathers! You guys ar also AH-MAAA-ZIIINGH


Did you ever get your coat out for the first time of the year and stick your hand in the pocket and find a hidden 10 or $20 bill where every time you get your langlets out for the first time of the year it ain’t what’s in the pocket it’s the coat itself this coat was badass when I got it and every year it gets even better every time I put it on for the first time of the year it’s like putting on an old baseball glove

Larry Waddell

Your crew nailed it. First class workmanship.
First jacket I’ve owned that fits great overall and doesn’t have to be unzipped when I’m sitting down.

Worth every penny.


I’ve read numerous articles and have heard people talk about the legendary quality of Langlitz Leathers jackets as well as your company’s outstanding customer service. My correspondence with you has certainly confirmed that it’s all true. Keep up the great work!

Tim Johnson

I’ve been the very proud owner of my Langlitz for four years now, and I think it’s way past time for a review. I’ve waited to share this publicly because…well, some lawyers got involved. You’ll see what I mean in a bit.
First, this jacket is AMAZING! It fits precisely; not too tight, not too bunchy, but just enough hug to know that I am well protected.
COMFORT – It’s helped me ride comfortably in weather from 30 F to 80 F. A bit of layering at the cooler end of the spectrum helps that leather feel great down the highway. On the upper side, sport a nice t-shirt, lower the front zip and open up the sleeve zippers to get some air flow up my arms and wow, still comfy cozy.
STYLE – After a ride in on a brisk morning commute I walked into my office to be greeted by a loud voice from my co-worker, “Where did you get that bad ass biker jacket?” Needless to say, the synthetic jacket that I normally wear never got that reaction anywhere from anyone.
PROTECTION – On Saturday, March 25, 2017 in the early afternoon, I was riding on a two lane road near my house. Traffic stopped. I stopped. The car behind me did not stop. After 12 years of riding I had my first “unscheduled get off.” The sound, then the pavement, then the sight of the blue sky let me know that something had just happened that was not in my trip plan.
My old bike is gone, and I’m on a new one, but most importantly I’m here with no serious injuries at all.
After it was all over, I carefully examined my Langlitz. Nearly nothing. A scuff on the arm, and a few on the back, but even these are extremely hard to see. Bennie, I don’t even have enough of an impact visible on the jacket to support my story of being knocked clear of my bike. I have to carry a picture in my pocket or no one will believe me.
I credit the leather work for allowing me a small bruise on my arm, and a small bruise on my back. No road rash. No scratches. No blood.

Now I’m shopping for my next ride, but I am not shopping for my next jacket. I will have this one for many years to come, and hopefully it has kissed the pavement for the last time.

Thank you and all the great folks at Langlitz.

Gregory Payne

I’d mentioned, as with so many during this covid lockdown, separation and what to do? Opening my closet to that beautiful set of Langlitz Leathers purchased a year ago August, “gear up” , enjoy your investment in front of that full vanity mirror and bright lights above. Again, having augmented my Langlitz police style motorcycle jacket and flared leather breeches with a pair of spit-shined motor boots, helmet, Ray Ban sun glasses, leather ascot and gauntlet gloves; it’s a feeling like nothing else, a real power trip! I’d gone on to mention before, where others, similarly attired via the net, have done some really cool things. I want to give a shout out if I may, to a gentleman, most likely out of France, who has produced a series high-definition videos, fully geared up in Langlitz Leather, going under the title of “Rubber “N” Leather”. Talk about endorsements, showing all the beautiful stuff you make, that I’m sure, has kept your shop awfully busy! It would be fun, imagining if this fella ,were right here now, fully geared up and I the same, where I think the pandemic would NOT be on our minds!

Bob Sides

I woke in hospital and they handed my Columbia Pocket jacket back to me in 3 pieces. The ambulance guys had to cut it off of me. I shipped it back and I got it back as good as new. The jacket had a few scars but they were on the JACKET, not on me. This jacket has MEMORIES engraved in it.

Bob Hyshka

I have warm and cold (by LA standards)-weather Langlitz leathers and a shoulder bag; and managing the constant itch for more. The quality of crafts(wo)manship and customer service are consistently high at Langlitz, even as those standards seem to lower all around us. Consistency and reliability, along with timeless form and function help explain why Langlitz customers become lifelong devotees.
My last jacket came just a bit wide at the waist for my taste (no fault of the LL crew) and I just decided to live with it. I dreaded the thought of sending it in for alteration, thinking it’d be a big deal and take forever. I should’ve know better! After a couple years it was still bugging me and, no surprise, Scott told me to send it in at will. I imagine it’s no different today than when Ross himself answered the phone.
Wow! It came back crazy fast—in the midst of an ice storm!—and iooks and fits great. Thank you, all at Langlitz. You guys are just the best.


I’ve been a fan of Langlitz jackets for years !! Ever since my dad got one in the mid-90s I knew there was something truly special about these leather masterpieces. Over the last twenty years, I have acquired several different models, all of which have been truly phenomenal jackets.

Late last Summer I came across a picture of a modified Langlitz that just blew me away. It got me thinking about having Langlitz produce something truly unique that was different from the traditional biker jacket, but still demonstrated Langlitz quality and workmanship. I contacted the guys at the shop and slowly the jacket’s design began to take shape. The Langlitz staff was outstanding in working with me to finalize details and discuss possible options. I was told the wait time from when placing the order was going to be 5 months. The jacket arrived on time, almost to the day!

My new Langlitz jacket is absolutely the coolest leather jacket I have ever seen or worn. All of the details and tailoring I discussed with them were there in the jacket. Nothing was missed or overlooked. Even more important than the exciting design, however, is the fit. It fits perfectly as if a tailor took my measurements rather than me emailing them to Langlitz. If you want a custom jacket that will last a lifetime, made by true leather artisans, look no further than Langlitz leathers. I look forward to future collaborations with these real masters of the leathercraft!

Steve Ferris

I was a little worried about having my wife measure me for a jacket and pants instead of coming down and having you guys do it to make sure it was done right. But, everything seems to fit well and I’m really happy with the leathers. Thanks to everyone at L.L. for doing what you do. We’re lucky to have you here in the Northwest keeping the tradition alive.


Like so many, covid has kept many of us isolated, however with a certain purchase, a little less stressful.. A year ago last August, I decided to take the plunge on a purchase of a Langlitz police style motorcycle jacket and flared leather breeches with white leather stripes down the sides. Coming to find, others out there making similar buys and often socializing, the pandemic put a damper on that. Unlike so many items purchased, Langlitz customers – through the net – enjoy showing off their purchase, be it still images and or videos. That says a lot. The enjoyment from August of last year, getting into my Langlitz gear, has not dissipated, perhaps even grown stronger. It’s still a pleasure, geared up in front of a vanity mirror, hearing the sound of that stiff heavy creaking leather, Under fairly bright lighting, the shiny blackness and glint from the brass zippers, snaps and San Browne buckle, really says a lot. Augmenting my leather with knee-high police motorcycle boots, leather ascot, gauntlet gloves and police style helmet, the feeling indescribable!. With the expert tailoring, the heavy leather has essentially molded itself to me. Hyper-masculine would be an understatement. I’m so glad to have popped for the investment, where, even with not many around, a lot of enjoyment to pass the time.

Robert Sides

WOW…..In looking over the prices they are getting for vintage Langlitz stuff, which I’ve never done before, I realized that I have a fortune in my closet. I’m old now, but have had three Harley’s in my life and have ridden all of my life. I had two buddies with whom I rode for years. They were older and have both passed away now. Turns out we were all three very similar in size, actually almost identical, so I never went to Portland to be measured, I merely told the Langlitz crew to duplicate the orders from the one who was almost “exactly” my sizes, which Langlitz already had on file from his previous orders. I think I must have at least a half dozen different Langlitz garments, including jackets, pants and breeches, of my own and, after their passing, all my buddies leathers came to me as well. I love occasionally wearing their jackets as a memorial to the many miles we all had together during their lifetimes. It is almost a religious experience as a tribute to their memories and the joy and safety that Langlitz afforded us during our many touring miles together. I guess I must have about 20 different vintage Langlitz garments now. They are all well worn from three lifetimes of use, but certainly have many, many more miles of wear left in them. It seems they just get better with age.


Was walking past the store today and stopped to ask if they were open and they said yeah but by appointment only, but seeing as they had no appointments I could come in!! They had a great selection of used jackets and I happened to find one that fit perfectly and was in perfect condition!!! I’m beyond in love with it!!
Thank you guys for being awesome and having wonderful products!!


1952, Dad gets out of the Navy, buys a new Harley and a Langlitz to go with it from Ross. They are all long gone but not before passing the love for bikes and such on. I do have a pro portrait of them.

1986 I started dragracing in earnest at PIR and Woodburn. Bought a Brown medium weight custom Cascade that had not been picked up after being made, $175. Ran that jacket for several years until I went down at the 1/8 mile, 90 mph, slid over 700 ft past the 1/4 mi. finish line on my back, no rash anywhere the jacket covered. Front was still perfect, back was all still intact with a couple very small holes the size of a pinkie fingertip, amazing yet totally expected. Sold on efbay for $225.

Had a new Cascade made, Black, heavyweight, pads with no quilting. Went to the NHRA World Finals in Pomona 1988, undercover security at the airport gate puts his hand on my shoulder as I’m walking through and says “thats a effin Langlitz isn’t it”, yas it is I said.

Also have pics of a very special Langlitz made as part of a Father, son set made by an Aunt that worked there, this Langlitz is for about an 18 month old and is the coolest Langlitz I have ever seen.

Long live Langlitz, keep up the great work.

Van Smith

I bought my first Langlitz in 1972. Gave it to my son in 2001 and it’s still in use. Bought one for my Fearless Wife in 73 and she still has it and can still wear it. Apparently, hers didn’t shink like mine did! I cleaned all the jackets today (Four live here) and used Langlitz Leather Dressing on them and hers was still looking great as were mine. My newest is a 2000 flight jacket in goatskin. My Columbia was bought in 86 and sees regular use. I knew Ross from the days of dropping in as a young kid who couldn’t afford the jackets but loved the quality. One summer left me with enough disposable funds to finally buy that first Columbia that my son now owns. I’m older and don’t ride as much as I used to but when I do and the Langlitz goes on, the smell and feel reminds me of every great mile I’ve ridden.

Greg Hertel

I just received my cascade jacket and I am thrilled. The goat skin is awesome, light and very flexible. I’ve had several cascade jackets built with leather and as I’ve aged they have become heavy to wear all day. I’m so glad I went with the goat skin. The weight difference is unreal. It feels like wearing a heavy shirt. The quality of these jackets is top notch. I would never hesitate to recommend this jacket to anybody and from now on I’ll be recommending the goat skin.
Ride safe.

Joe Parker

In 2013 i ordered a Custom Columbia based on my individual measurements. It has a straight zipper, dress collar, 7 pockets, elbow and shoulder padding and is made from heavy cowhide in color bone. From out of the box it fitted perfectly. The leather is heavy but soft and the whole jacket is of absolutely outstanding quality.
While additionally owning several leather jackets from Vanson, Aero, Schott and HD my LL Columbia is my favourite jacket. Especially the light bone color of the leather develops an outstanding patina.

Last year i visited the Langlitz shop in Portland while travelling USA-West. Good and friendly atmosphere and a staff which is dedicated to the customer. I decided to buy a custom made white cowhide vest with orange stitching and measurements were taken. When the vest arrived in Germany, i surprisingly had to recognize that it was too small around the belly for a comfortable, good looking fit. I discussed the issue with Langlitz via e-mail, sent the vest back and got it re-done without any problems. The second version was perfect. Over all it was an excellent customer-service due to the LL-Customer-Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Last but not least i bought a used Cascade in black cowhide and pristine condition recently at Ebay. The lining of the inner pocket only provided the size and a serial number. I asked Langlitz for some further Information and got immediately response about the production date for this shop inventory jacket. Great service too.

Norbert Janssen

It’s been a year since my Langlitz Leather gear arrived – Columbia jacket and flared leather breeches. All brass hardware.
The reaction to opening the packing box was sheer delight. Could not get over the weight and stiffness of the leather as I took it out of the box. Even better than I expected!. I was excited to “gear up” and see how everything fit. There was a little time needed getting everything on. Once on, the feeling of all that stiff heavy leather was just incredible, along with the sound of it – as I flexed my body in front of the vanity mirror. Even though it was pretty hot the end of last summer, working up a fairly good sweat in all that gear, no problem at all! I already had a pair of tall police motorcycle boots that perfectly set off the ensemble. I did find through social media, there were others, quite a few in fact, that like to show off their leather Langlitz gear, and enjoy it as I do. It’s too bad of late with this covid situation, actually meeting others in person, not just seeing a screen. That does not however prevent me from “gearing up”, quite often in fact, flexing and enjoying that wonderful sound. Yes indeed, a sizable investment – but worth every penny!

Bob Sides

I received the jacket last week and that it is AMAZING!!! I love it!

It is exactly what I wanted! I reckon that I’m going to have some very jealous friends and acquaintances when they see it!!

Richard in the UK

After many years of motorcycling (and quite a collection of motorcycle leathers) I decided that I also should have a “Langlitz outfit” once in my lifetime because these leathers are really special and very appealing while radiating the charm of traditional leather handcraft, in short “the good old days” :-))
So I ordered a Columbia to my specification (cossack collar, padding, belt and just two front pockets) as well as a pair of Competition breeches with belt and padding.
To get the measurement data done at home was easy thanks to the practical Langlitz measurement guidelines. Once the order was placed I communicated several times with Scott to discuss and confirm some details, which was as helpful as it was friendly and fun to talk to him.
After only some weeks my Langlitz package arrived safely in Switzerland, just before Corona lockdown!
Wow, wow, wow ! Size, materials, craftmanship, everything just perfect ! Since the leather is sturdy it needs some breaking in (especially the pants to get the leg over the saddle of the higher one of my motorbikes, hahahaa).
Wearing a Langlitz outfit you just feel good, protected and stylish, too !
For sure these leathers will outlive me…….
I’d like to thank again Scott and the whole Langlitz team for their great work !

Rudy, Switzerland

I took delivery of my Columbia and padded Columbia jackets in the early 90s. When you take a Langlitz out of the box you realize that you have in your hands a Rembrandt. No two jackets are exactly alike, and the quality control and pride the family puts into their garments, indeed their art is nothing less than staggering. You also get the feeling that if you’re in a motorcycle accident (God forbid,) your skin will be exactly where God left it. When you buy a Langlitz you buy an heirloom and the customer service was then and is now through the roof with enthusiasm, knowledge, and a deep awareness of the family history and pride in knowing exactly what motorcyclists such as myself want. This is a family run business that treats customers in a manner that I could only describe as above and beyond the call of duty. I vigorously recommend Langlitz Leathers and the people who run it vigorously to anyone, and without reservation.

Andrew Berry

Bennie/Scott & Team – just wanted to thank you and let you know that my custom Goatskin K9 arrived yesterday. All I can say is WOW! The quality and workmanship is truly outstanding. It’s worth every penny for something that fits so well and is of such high quality. Additionally, your customer service and communication was top rate. If anyone is still on the fence around taking the time and spending the money on a custom fitted jacket, DO IT, you can’t go wrong. Everything about the experience was top drawer. Thanks again!

Pete Z

I wanted to follow up from comments submitted last August, on the purchase of a set of custom Langlitz Leathers, some additional thoughts. Had mentioned as a kid in L.A. in the mid-50’s, seeing booted leather-jacketed motorcycle cops, and what that did for me. Even though I was around twelve at the time, I wanted to wear that gear, wear it all the time! Though I kind of kept that to myself, I came to find out there were others, who had the same inclinations as me. Obviously quite a bit of time has passed, and with so much these days on the internet, I saw some videos of guys in Langlitz gear, enjoying themselves. I knew the purchase would be sizeable, and went on to take the plunge. My custom leather breeches and jacket arrived in around three months. Upon arrival, opening the box, and the aroma of that brand new shiny stiff heavy leather, was absolutely off the charts! I was told a little “break-in” is to be expected. No problem. Under a fairly bright light, and a large vanity mirror, I feasted on the sight, and the SOUND. Loved all that creaking each time I moved. The glint of shiny black leather along with brass zippers and such, made for much enjoyment. I had purchased a pair of tall black motorcycle boots that perfectly set off the ensemble. The investment was not small, but worth every sent!

Bob Sides

My wife bought my Langlitz Cascade jacket for me for Christmas 1988. I went in and got measured and received my jacket in February 1989. Fast forward to November 2019 when I wore it to the local battery shop. A young man spotted it and said ‘Cascade right?’ I didn’t remember the model and was ready to tell him, ‘no, Langlitz’ when he said, ‘that’s a Langlitz Cascade. I just bought one’. I told him my story and he didn’t believe my jacket was over 30 years old until I showed him the name and date stamp in the pocket. He was flat out amazed and quite pleasantly surprised knowing that his investment will indeed last his lifetime – and probably another or two. My jacket looks like the day I got it. I confirmed for him that I use the Langlitz dressing and I’m sure he will too.

Yet another satisfied one-time customer. Simply the best!

Doug Neal

The journey from first email till delivery was fanastic. I got the support and assistance I needed to order a padded Columbia jacket.
Because of my small arms they quickly came back to me they had to use a different kind of (lighter) cowhide-leather to make the leather pocket linings and finished padding-edges possible. But they were right, you can’t tell the difference. And I am very pleased with how the jacket turned out. I would order it again without any doubt.
Thanks Langlitz !

Greetings from Belgium,
A very pleased customer.


At the beginning of September I have been at the Moto Guzzi bikers event in Mandello del Lario and a guy from Portugal told me about Langlitz Leathers jackets as the best jackets he had ever seen. So I wrote to Langlitz asking their catalog and I had the pleasure to talk by email with Scott, who helped me to find exactly what I was looking for. Then I sent my measurements and in about one month I received my new Langlitz Leathers jacket. It’s really the best leather jacket I have ever had: the leather is fantastic and the fit and all the details are simply perfect! But the most remarkable thing is that I had the possibility to totally personalize my jacket: not only collar, pockets and other details, but also the model itself! I asked for a jacket with the front of the Cascade and the back of the Crescent: I’m sure this is something you can find only at Langlitz Leathers!

So many thanks to Scott and all the other guys and keep going on like this!


Buying a langlitz is an investment in time the longer you own it the better that it is there is no such thing as a used langlitz only a mature one the service really is unparallel these are not jackets they are creations!

Larry Waddell

I had my Heavy weight Columbia jacket and pants custom fit in 1993. Fortunately they still fit and the only work they’ve needed over the years were a new front zipper on the jacket and a zipper pull on one sleeve. They were kindly repaired when I had a chance to visit and get measured for a new goatskin Cascade.

This past summer I was headed to the BMW MOA rally in Tennessee on my ‘82 R65 LS so I figured i’d Keep it old school and off I went on my vintage bike wearing my vintage leathers on vintage me. I had a great run down almost 5000 km’s in mostly good weather. All wrapped up in my Langlitz I was totally comfy and all I needed was an extra layer riding across Newfoundland in the cool weather.

I parked the bike in Maryland after the rally and flew back down in September to head to a couple more rallies, one in PA and another in Vermont before the long hustle home. Again the comfort in bespoke leathers is second to none and even getting off the ferry at 7°C without any thermals and my winter gloves buried in my duffel the only part of me that was cold were my hands. So what?

I gained a new appreciation for just how good my Langlitz Leathers are for long days on the road after multiple 900km days. The comfort on the road from cold to over 90° was superb and the peace of mind knowing how well I was protected if the worst case scenario happened was good too.

I’ve dealt with Dave amd John and others over the years and have always gotten great customer service from far away and my visit to the shop was fun and I felt humbled by the awesome care I was given for a few minor repairs and getting measured for a new jacket.

Now I just need to save a few shekels so I can get some pants to go with my Cascade.

Thank you Langlitz for everything you do and thank you for continuing to bring us the best that there is.


Mike Buhler

I COULD NOT BE MORE PLEASE WITH MY JACKET! I have never had anything custom made for me and for this to be my first is absolutely AMAZING! You can expect some new clients as my friends are equally impressed with how gorgeous it is. Thank you so very very much! Oh yeah, Duncan is really pleased with his mittens, they have been road tested and finger approved! BUT my jacket….heavy sigh…love it! Sincerely, Alice Marie

Alice Marie Hertel

I undertook the wise choice and finally the necessary investment, to have made for me, a set of custom Langlitz Leathers – jacket and breeches. Couldn’t be more pleased! First though a little history. As a kid growing up in L.A., I loved the sight of a booted leather-jacketed motorcycle cop. The tall shiny boots and form fitting leather jacket, Sam Browne belt and fur collar, just did a number on me! Though I didn’t ride a motorcycle, I just HAD to get the gear. I had seen any number of catalogues and came across yours. Additionally as well, I had attended several functions of those wearing Langlitz Leather, and was sold on making the necessary outlay of cash. As opposed to the usual fabric breeches worn my motorcops, seeing in your catalogue you could have them made of leather, that was a definite yes, along with of course the jacket. Upon arrival, I was very pleased with the heavy stiff leather, knowing, as per the catalogue – expect a “brake in” period. I thought at first, the leather breeches had been mis-measured. Wrong. I tugged a little and finally – success! Next came the jacket. Zipping everything up and fastening the San Browne belt, I was looking and feeling great. I had purchased a pair of police motorcycle boots to finish everything off. Though it was still somewhat warm out here, I was fully ‘geared up” and enjoyed what I saw in the full length vanity mirror, and hearing the sound of the creaking leather. The feeling was just incredible. Yes, a sizeable investment and worth every penny!


I had always dreamed about one day owning my own langlitz leathers. My Dad and uncles were all motorcycle riders and I grew up hearing the Langlitz name, and to me it was synonomous with ” The Best!!!” several months ago I decided to send in My measurements to Langlitz in one step closer to finally wearing these fine leathers. The staff at Langlitz are AMAZING! Scott and other members were always available for questions and made this process EXTREMELY smooth and exciting. The day finally came, I tried on My Custom Leather breeches and quilted motorcycle jacket. I had only heard how great the quality was, but at that moment to feel the leather and see it on me, was literally a dream come true!.. The Fit of the leathers were PERFECT!! I would not change a thing! If you are like me and want the best and willing to make an investment, LANGLITZ LEATHERS is the BEST!!

As i told the team at Langlitz, I am BEYOND happy with My Langlitz Leather!
Joesph Fenton

Joseph Fenton

Many Thanks to Scott, Bennie and the whole team of Langlitz Leathers.
My Pocket Columbia looks fantastic, fits perfect and is of outstanding quality.
Thanks again for very helpful advice, very pleasant and close communication, perfect and
very fast production and delivery.
Summarized: Top quality of the product, Top customer service.


I have been enjoying my new Langlitz leather for some time now and I really like them but until recently they had not really been truly tested. I bought a Crescent jacket and the pants in the black goatskin and they fit and look fantastic. They are so easy to use that I can put on the jacket and pants faster than my buddies can put on their chaps. Zip zip and I’m ready to go.

So now the test. We spent six days riding touring bikes in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and South Dakota. It rained off and on for five of the six days and included some nasty sleet and temperatures down in the mid thirties. It was the most challenging riding conditions I have encountered in 150 000 miles of riding in ten years. In short I never unpacked my rain gear or used any of the jeans in my suit case. I wore nothing but the Langlitz leathers and different combinations of long underwear to fit the temperatures. I only once got a bit wet but there is a story to that in a minute. My wife and friends were frequently changing in and put of various rain gear and leather jackets all the while I sat there watching them and doing nothing but smugly bragging about not having to do all that. It was great fun.

So how did I get wet? Coming out of Jackson Wyoming over some high mountain pass the rain picked up with the wind and it turned to sleet. I then strangely felt a cold wet in my crotch area and thought oh crap(actually other word) the suit is letting me down around some seem down there. A look down revealed a gaping hole of a unzipped pant and the sleet pouring into the hole freezing my uh , you know.

Great product just remember to zip up.


Actually, it is very diffcuit to transcribe how good about the Langlitz Leather. So, just a summary here,
1. Customer Service : second to none.
2. Product Quality : second to none.
3. Build Quality : second to none.
If anyone who in doubt about the description i list above, just trying to contact Langlitz Leather, you will know what i am talking about.
Finally, many thanks for Scott and Langlitz Leather Team, thanks you guys can produce such amazing product. So just keep going for next 50 years.
Long Live Langlitz Leather.


My experience working with Langlitz’s was over the top with satisfaction!
The communication with Bennie and Scott were positive, quick to return answers and left me feeling that my decision choosing Langlitz was a good one.
It’s been three weeks since I’ve received my package of leathers so my review is based upon having logged several hundred miles in these leathers.
The fit like a quality glove.
The workmanship is old school quality.
The Leathers give a new meaning to riders comfort, no binding, bunching or wind flapping. They are a leather skin and well worth the investment.
In my travels every stop I get comments on how classy the leathers are.
To anyone out there thinking of going with a set of custom Langlitz Leathers it just may be the best choice in leathers you’ll ever make.

Thank you to all the personnel at Langlitz Leather.

A.J. Sutherland

Customer Service:

Initially, I was a little nervous ordering a leather jacket online. However, Scott was kind enough to answer my many, many questions regarding the Cascade I wanted to order – I can’t thank him enough for his patience with me. Not only this, he sent me pictures of the jacket (and my passport wallet) being built as I was curious about the Langlitz process. Never in my life have I experienced such a pleasurable interaction when purchasing something. I can’t recommend Scott and the Langlitz team enough.


I’ve owned several leather jackets but there’s something exceptional about the craftsmanship that goes into a Langlitz jacket. Of course, when you open the box there’s that wonderful leather smell, but inspecting the jacket really demonstrates its superior quality. The stitching and leather is rock solid and heavy (even in the goat that I ordered). The jacket liner and the canvas in the pockets gives one a real feeling of confidence in their durability. The truly remarkable thing, though, is the fit of the jacket. Even though I provided the specific measurements, it’s difficult to believe that something can fit this well without restricting range of movement (a problem I’ve always had with previous jackets). Long story short, it’s over 100 degrees in California right now and I’m still walking around the house in my jacket. I have no doubt it’ll only be a matter of time before I’m contacting Scott again for another one.


Amazing customer service from Scott
A jacket beyond any other leather quality
Breeches with a perfect fit
That’s how I’d define my experience with Langlitz
A more than remarkable work!


What can I say about Langlitz Leathers? Perfection, that’s the word that says all.
I was looking for a Padded Columbia style jacket for a long time, but everything was not looking to me like the original one. So I asked myself “why not the real deal?”.
I’ve contacted the guys at Langlitz and they sent me a catalog.
Scott was very kind and professional answering all my questions about the fit, the measurements and the shipping.
Finally after just a month my garments are arrived.
As soon as you open the package you understand why they are the best: perfection. Every stitch, every button is just perfect. The leather quality is just amazing: I have never seen a cowhide like that before, even if I own few good leather jackets. And the fit: I was a little nervous about. But in the exact same moment you put on the jacket, you feel that is really made for you. Absolutely perfect fit, it’s like a glove.
Really you can’t go and better that Langlitz Leathers. And most important, you feel like you are part of the family, not simply a customer that buy through a screen.

So thank you very much!


I cannot praise Scott, Bennie and the rest of the Langlitz crew enough. The quality of their products is one thing, their level of customer service is another…from top to bottom they are simply outstanding! I will be a customer for life!


My exhaustive research determined that Langlitz still makes the very highest quality handmade riding leathers available in the United States–and perhaps the world, judging by their celebrity and international clientele. Lewis Leathers in England is renowned at a similar price point, but Langlitz also happens to be situated in my hometown of Portland, Oregon.

I had read about all the international customers whose made-to-measure garments were produced with an extremely high success rate using the “foolproof” Langlitz instructions. I was pretty sure that I’d also need my jacket made to measure but thought I’d stop in to see what they had in stock.

I was greeted at the door and offered a beverage, asked if I was a rider (I’m not) and was accurately sized by eye. Being a traditionalist with great affection for the classic Motor Patrol look of yore, I tried on several models of the Columbia, including one slightly used example being sold at almost a third of the new price. The cowhide was stunningly heavy–like wearing iron–and I know if I were a rider I would be well armored against any abrasive damage if I went down on a bike. The goatskin was delightfully soft yet thick and substantial and more practical for my purposes. Ultimately I selected a 10-pocket Columbia with epaulettes and the Sam Browne Belt with shoulder strap. The quilted padding on the elbows and shoulders was a popular option, but I liked the cleaner look without. They have a huge selection in stock and some incredible deals are on offer. It was unreal to get precisely what I wanted off the rack and walk out wearing something out of a dream.

Langlitz customer service is as you would find in a high-end tailor’s salon, only the garments are in leather. Everything is made by hand. Two men were building jackets right there in the showroom. This stuff is built to last and completely practical, from the brass snaps and zippers to the thick solid leather belts and precise stitching. The sleeves will NOT ride up once you zip them. These garments are of a different era and design aesthetic purposefully rooted in the 20th Century. They are not cheap but amazing deals are to be had, particularly if you can visit their one and only location. I found every combination of options on the jacket I wanted in several sizes (45, 46, 46L) and lengths that fit me–right there, hanging on the stock racks. Plenty of inventory to choose from.

For form and function, Langlitz Leathers are in their own category of handcrafted perfection. If you can afford it–they have payment plans–you owe it to yourself to partake in peerless quality and craftsmanship that will faithfully serve you for decades to come. The dream is alive at Langlitz and I am honored to be the newest member of their extended family.

Todd Miller

I’ve been riding for over 35 years, and have coveted a Langlitz for most of that time. I finally got up the scratch to make the purchase last month, and emailed Scott and Bennie to get my measurements form filled out. My wife measured me up, and I sent the form in to Langlitz. Scott followed up with a request to remeasure on the sleeve length (I’ve probably been buying the wrong shirts, and my shirt measurement that I recalled didn’t match the jacket measurement). Got all squared away, and was assigned a ship date in mid-February. No problem, I won’t be riding until April anyway, here in upstate New York.

I got the shipment notice last week, a month ahead of schedule. The Padded Columbia jacket arrived yesterday, and WOW! Fit is perfect, the leather is beautiful, build quality is unbelievable, and I have an extra month now to break it in before I start riding this season. The sales and production staff at Langlitz really know their stuff, and the pride they take in their work is second to none. I can totally see how this is a multi-generational business, with a vehemently loyal customer base.

My wife, who has suffered through too many leather jacket purchases on my part for too many years asked, “So, is this your ‘forever’ jacket?”, and I can say without hesitation that is definitely is. Beg, borrow, steal (well, maybe not steal. . ), but make the investment in a Langlitz earlier than you think you can afford it – you’ll own your ‘forever’ jacket sooner, and spend less time and money searching for perfection.

Robin Ploss

As I was sliding over the pavement, having been unceremoniously unhorsed by a 4-wheeled vehicle, I recalled, “Boy, am I ever glad I bought those Langlitz leathers!”
Yes, you can buy cheap motorcycle gear, but when you find yourself on the pavement (and you probably will), you’ll be glad you didn’t, if you were wearing Langlitz .
R. Ellis

Richard Ellis

2 years ago I ordered a Langlitz Columbia jacket with Thinsulate lining & belt. I was warned that the Thinsulate would add extra bulk but I went with it anyway and don’t regret it for one second. Here in PA it’s cold & damp about 9 months a year and it’s nice to not to have to wear a sweatshirt or jacket under it, I’m comfortable on most nights with just a T shirt under the jacket. There is absolutely nothing I don’t like about the jacket. The heavy weight and feel is perfect for me. The more I wear it the more comfortable it gets. Almost anywhere I go I’m guaranteed to have someone come up to me and ask where I got the jacket, it gets more compliments than my bike. My only regret is not having a second Langlitz lightweight jacket for those rare warm days.

I’m in the process of ordering a vest to wear over the jacket. Ordering it made with the same leather as the jacket. Can’t wait.

Jim Swanchak

My first experience with Langlitz Leather was 30 years ago when I borrowed my father’s green jacket with white stripes on the sleeves and Ranger pants. I proceeded to go out and ride so hard that day that the police officer that pulled me over said he didn’t want to have to pick me up with a “stick and a spoon”. I want to thank that officer for not giving me a ticket that day and I want to thank Langlitz Leather for making such confidence inspiring leather garments. I get the same feeling from my new Columbia jacket as I did from my father’s so many years ago. It is the absolutely the finest leather jacket I have ever worn, bar none. I have had many get-offs during a 6-year roadracing stint and no longer ride as hard as I used to but I know that my Columbia is up to the task if called upon. Competition breeches to follow, thank you Langlitz.

T.J. Smith

Just wanted send a thank you to the Langlitz team. The service that the team provided me was second to none. From the time I stopped into the store to be fitted, to receiving my custom Crescent jacket today. Which by the way, arrived almost a whole month ahead of what was promised. The fit & finish is spectacular and I could not be happier. I cannot wait to show it off. Keep up the great work! ~ Mark


after more than 30 years using my leathers on track or on road , i finnally decided to get my LANGLITZ,
yeah that’s it ; y have to want it ,that’s a story from passionate people to passionate customers.
y dont buy a columbia or a cascade without desire it strong.
i have to tell that all the company scott, bernie , are here for you ;they accompany from the first day untill the delivery and its not over
its not easy to built a jacket on your measure far away from the factory
but y have to respect exactly the orders from scott they know what they say , what they do and do it well.
i will not explain here the way to order , its have allready said many time .
so if you are looking for a REAL LEATHER JACKET FOR MOTORCYCLE or not ; if y want something different than what y can find out ,think it , dream it , built it and they will do it for you as well

i received my winter cascade in goat for christmas (i wanted a jacket thinsulate with fur collar than i can wear all winter )
was surprised , im wearing it every day and i love it its beautifull.the quality is here .

thanks langlitz company to all of you ,
y made a rider happy



I was really nervous about the fit. I have had numerous jackets by other makers and I always seem to be between sizes or some aspect of the jacket wouldn’t fit. ie sleeve, body, shoulder, length. Most companies don’t let you make changes and if you do it messes up the whole pattern. You can’t just size up or down and expect it to work everywhere. This is one reason that made me really look at Langlitz. I knew the quality would be exceptional and it is. I simply followed the instructions online. I had my wife measure me. Langlitz did the rest. Medium fit and Medium cowhide is just perfect. It is going to take some time to break this thing in for sure. I got the standard two pocket Columbia without belt loops and very glad I did. I was also impressed at the feel of the lining. I have never felt anything like that. Not your typical thin silk type liner. Sleeves are a little long, but should crease and shorten up about an inch and be spot on. shoulder, pit to pit, back, front length is all great. Could not be an easier process. And to top it all jacket took just a couple weeks to make. I got a matching wallet and belt. I went with their recommendation on belt size and it’s spot on. Best part too if something isn’t right they will take care of you. I have heard first hand accounts of exceptional service. I think if you are on the fence just go for it!. the price tag is really good I think for what you get. One could easily spend the same and get a much inferior stock type product that is mass produced and using inferior leather and hardware.

Brad M

I received my coat back from repair today and I am thrilled. You folks and me are the only ones who will know it has been repaired. It looks original and I know it will last me the rest of my riding days. I’m trying to ride the equivalent of from here to the moon. 240,000 miles in total. I’m 72,500 miles from getting there and I will wear this coat all the way. I’ve ridden these miles in the last 11 years.

Thank you for your great product and service!

Steve G

Now – what shall i say? – It’s here!!! – My Padded Pocket Columbia-Cow hide Leather Jacket with this beautiful snap in fur collar arrived just a bit more than one week ago., and – to my great surprise a month earlier than I expected it to arrive here at my place in Switzerland. – – It was like Christmas, when I opened that brown package and took out this wonderful shimmering masterpiece of leather craftmanship. It fits just perfectly, looks so incredibly cool, and choosing the “light-weight” model was the right decision for me, as I am not a biker.
I was very glad, when Scott guided me through the whole ordering and customizing process. – The customer service at LANGLITZ leathers is not comparable to anything else I ever experienced before. Every issue could be discussed in detail with Scott, and no question was too silly or annoying to be patiently and with high competence answered by Scott via e-mail. – At first I also had my doubts, if this could work out right with the measuring and payment. But Scott with his friendly way of guiding me through all these important details was always very helpful. – So I want to thank Scott, John, Bennie, Jackie and Dave, and the whole Langlitz-crew, who did an outstanding and excellent job in building my personal PPC-Leather Jacket. – It’s awsome to see the quality of the leather and the stitching and how it’s manufactured.. – It’s pure perfection!.
I love my new jacket. So i will certainly remain a highly satisfied and thoroughly happy customer and a fan of LANGLITZ!!!!
Kindest regards


Willy Egger

Well… what to say… I always admired and loved Langlitz and for long time i desired a jacket but i supposed that it wasn’t so easy to order it from Europe. But one day i wrote to them and Mister Scott gave me such a polite answer full of many details that was so easy to complete the order. Now every time that i wear my Padded Pocket Columbia jacket i feel truly happy and so proud to be the owner of that “masterpiece” with my name written in one of the pockets inside!
Sincerely thank you Langlitz, thank you Scott!


7 January 2017

Salutations Scotty and Bennie,

It was a awesome to get the iconic Langlitz – Padded Pocket Columbia leather jacket on my skin. Today being my birthday, it was a great thrill and I am very appreciative of the workmanship and quality. I look forward to doing business with you again soon. Next in line is the Competition Breeches!

I remain yours,
Langlitz Leathers ambassador

Archie Bourtsos

Well, I promised Scott that I would do this, and I am currently waiting on my 2nd Cresent jacket , so I don’t want to over state my sincere complements, lest he drag his feet and fall into a state of over confidence BUT.


Bill Wiedemann

Just to let you know I’m starting my second winter with my Langlitz Crescent Jacket and it has become my favorite. I rarely take any other jacket out of the closet now and I got a bunch. The substitution of the shirt style collar from the original Mandarin style was perfect. It’s now my favorite garment of all time. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

William Houston

It’s been a number of years since I’ve been in touch with Scott and the family at Langlitz. After putting some considerable miles on my Columbia Jacket I decided it was time to see what offerings Langlitz had in a more everyday casual style jacket – BUT still retaining the features that has made them a riding gear legend. I contacted Scott and he steered me toward the Crescent Jacket model. Initially I was put off by the cafe racer collar – but Scott indicated that changing the collar was no problem whatsoever, thus began my next jacket. Over the course of a week Scott and I went back and forth ironing out the details. Fast forward about a month later and I was informed that my jacket was completed ahead of schedule and would be shipping that day. WOW !!
When the jacket arrived I was absolutely thrilled with the results!! The leather was supple and smooth and flooded the room with ‘new leather’ smell. The factor that I can’t stress enough is that they got the fit absolutely right. I’m a tall guy with a muscular build and as such I rarely can find clothes to fit…but Langlitz nailed the fit down perfectly. Nowhere throughout the piece does it feel tight, snug or uncomfortable. It’s truly a piece made specifically for you. This marks my second collaboration with Langlitz and certainly not the last. They have perfected the art of the riding jacket and understand all the nuances thereof. Lastly and most importantly they have been an absolute pleasure in dealing with. From ironing out the details to coming in way ahead of schedule, it doesn’t get much better than the folks at Langlitz.



I’ll try to make this as short and sweet as I can, but I could write novels on how overjoyed I am with my decision to join the Langlitz family. I received my dark brown goatskin Cascade today and wasted no time trying it on. I did my fitting through the online guide, without visiting the physical shop, so this was a bit of a concern to me. To my delight, the brilliant team at Langlitz crafted a jacket for me that fits as if I had been there throughout every single step of the process. The fit is nothing short of abject perfection. The craftsmanship is immaculate and downright captivating. Every stitch, every seam, every cut is a work of art. Customer service alone had me sold on a Langlitz, thanks to Scott’s diligent and patient considerations with me, but the end product is a masterpiece! I initially purchased a high-end jacket from another nationally known company but sent it back as the fit was off. I decided Langlitz might offer more of what I was looking for strictly based on fit, but found that every single aspect of this jacket blows the other clear off the map. Although it was almost twice as pricey, I’d happily have paid four times as much for the drastic difference in quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. This jacket is well worth every penny! I could write all day, but I really just want to say a huge thank you to the team at Langlitz! If you’re looking for the best jacket around, look no further. Cheers!


I received my custom cascade motorcycle jacket about a week ago after a quick order turn time of about a month. I have owned multiple leather motorcycle jackets from high quality manufacturers. Let me say that Langlitz is in a completely different category. They build very serious heavy duty (even in the medium weight leather) jackets that promise serious protection. The measuring as simple, the order process very helpful/professional and the fit is perfect for riding. I already love this jacket that feels like armor and can tell my other “not inexpensive” jackets are going to be relegated to the back of the closet. If you want a SERIOUS piece of leather order a Langlitz! The quality (made in Portland) is absolutely top notch and will easily last a lifetime or more.

Matt Mulford

>> Hello Langlitz Crew
>> I just wanted tell you something that happened to me yesterday around Lincoln City.
>> I was on my motorcycle enjoying a little time with my sister heading north on Hwy 101. When I stopped at a red light a blue Subaru Forester pulled up next to me. The lady in the passenger seat rolled down her window and said “nice Langlitz “. I said thank you and continued on my way wondering how this person could possibly know where my jacket was made. Then it dawned on me that it had to be none other than Jackie and Dave.
>> When I got home I checked the web site, sure enough it was whom I though. What a surprise!
>> Could not be happier with my purchase.
>> Thank you
>> Joe Gallagher

Joe Gallagher

I am now coming up on 28 years as a Clackamas County Deputy Sheriff. I have worked uniform patrol for my entire career. Back in the day, there was NO rain gear that could keep you warm and dry through a rainy/windy shift – except for one life saving item – a Langlitz Leathers Duty Jacket. Nothing then (or now) will keep you as warm and dry – nothing sheds the water and cuts the wind like a Langlitz Leathers jacket. I bought my jacket in 1991 – the custom fit experience and wonderful customer service at your shop was second to none then and I still have yet to find any better. The quality construction of this leather jacket cannot be beaten by anyone, anywhere. I wore that jacket every winter from when I got it until a few years ago when it “shrunk” and I couldn’t get it zipped anymore. (I am working now to rectify the “size” problem and I’m about 10 to 15 lbs away from being able to wear it again). The thought of wearing my Langlitz jacket again at work has been a great motivator to get into better shape and lose the extra weight that has somehow “found” its way onto my frame! That jacket has saved me from injury through many different spills and chills over the years – from knock down, drag out fights with drunken or drug fueled perpetrators to falls on icy roads or down onto slippery terrain – and it still looks fantastic. I can’t tell you how many times I have had citizens ask me “Is that a Langlitz?” I would reply yes, of course it is. Then the next question would invariably be “Do you want to sell it?” I politely tell them all, sorry, not for sale. Quite frankly, if I have my way, I will be buried in this jacket someday (far in the future I hope). I’m sure it will still look perfect. This has been, by far, the best money I have ever spent on anything for my career in Law Enforcement since I started in March of 1989. When I look at my Langlitz jacket, many fond memories come to mind – memories of a rich and fulfilling career that I have spent more than half of my life in. In this fast changing world we live in, it is comforting to know there are still a few things that haven’t changed or haven’t been forgotten. The legendary and superb quality – coupled with the fantastic customer service of Langlitz Leathers is one of those things – and from my point of view Langlitz Leathers is at the pinnacle of what is great about the USA – past, present and future. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of all of your customers – the motorcycle riders, the Police Officers and the Deputy Sheriffs – for the past almost 70 years! I have no doubt you will continue on, long after I am gone!

Anthony Edwards

Recently, on some expensive purchases’ I have been amazed at the lack of product knowledge and customer service. It seems you have to educate yourself prior to entering a business. This came to a screeching halt when I called langlitz. From the first call to the last there knowledge on their product and customer service is a new benchmark. They are fully aware of what got them to this point and it is very apparent that every phone call, jacket, pants, etc. meets or exceeds those standards.
My father was a small business man, as am I. The history of langlitz is very cool but how it has continued, to become a global company but retained its roots is the biggest testimony of this company and its staff. They are a small business, that provides the highest level of personal customer service and over deliver on their products. You will not be disappointed if you decide to deal with langlitz leathers, as a matter of fact, you will be blown away from start to finish.
Thank you to the staff at langlitz for reminding of my father, thank you for reminding me what small business should look like in the USA.