Happy 100th Anniversary to Wesco Boots

We recently got to go Wesco to help celebrate their 100th anniversary. It’s very inspiring to see the true craftsmanship and details that goes into every boot. The company was founded in 1918 by John Henry Shoemaker and still going strong today. We took a tour through their two-story factory where about 27 employees work together in putting out some of the best boots around. There are certain stages in the shoe making process where a boot will sit for three days while the leather is shaping and forming. Try to find that kind of dedication in a modern boot makers process.


Langlitz Leathers has been a Wesco boot dealer since 1983, when Langlitz Leathers wanted a good riding boot for our customers. We quickly found the engineering boot and we have put lots of people in Wesco’s over the years. It’s been a great relationship ever since.

We wanted to say congratulations the whole crew at Wesco – well done!