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Hello Langlitz team,

Thank you very much for the Columbia jacket – and for the excellent support and customer service.

When I got the jacket it fit like a second skin, except in one area. And I am certain this is because of my measurements. Scott and John helped me out quickly and professionally. Without any hassle or paperwork. I did send them the jacket, they adjusted it and I got it back within a matter of days. At no cost, no questions asked, on the contrary!

It not only feels great, it fits perfect. All the other jackets I do have don’t come even close to the quality and fit of this garment.

The base price looks high but if you consider that you get a tailored jacket, and it will last longer than you probably live, it is not only worth every penny, it is a great deal!

Thank you again. I am a customer for life.




I bought my jacket in November 1980. It has served me well these 35 years, including one get-off in the rain. I enjoy recognizing other Langlitz wearers and saying “Hi”. It’s a great jacket — comfortable and safe. Surprisingly, I’m 60 now, and it’s time to make a trip up to Portland and get some alterations. I look forward to a road trip with my old jacket keeping me safe.
— Doug DeSoto

Douglas DeSoto

i woul dlike to thank all the staff at langlitz for building my new leather when it arrived on fri 20th nov it was as if christmas came early. i am more than pleased with the whole out fit it fit like a glove and feels amzaming and i am proud to be part of the brillant leather wear family again i thank you god bless you all
gary bowler langlitz,

gary r bowler

So, you’ve got as far as reading the testimonials and perhaps looked at the products and thought “well they cannot be that much better than anyone else’s stuff can they?”. You bet your sweet spark plugs they are!! I am new to Langlitz and they are the best fitting leathers I have ever owned, the quality is second to none (I have a Padded Pocket Columbia Jacket and Rangers Pants) so do yourself a big favour and send for the catalogue.

While you wait for it, read the site, and get your measurements correct, the service from this company is out of this world they guided me along the way pointing out where I may have made an unwise choice, cheers Scott.

Langlitz Leathers in my opinion are second to none and I hope to have a long relationship with them.

Terry Hazelwood

Last Winter I decided to upgrade my riding jacket and came across Langlitz. After a little research, I went full speed ahead and ordered a Padded Columbia. Working closely with Scott over e-mail, Langlitz exceeded my expectations, providing me a functional work of art. The jacket fits like my own skin, delivering the most comfortable riding experience I have ever encountered, all the while keeping me protected from the elements and Chicago’s notorious weather patterns. I tell everyone I know that they need a Langlitz in their lives. Thanks!

Ralph Shin

Picked up another Cascade Jacket on Saturday – the first one shrunk over the past 15 years.

Great stuff


I posted a testimonial just over two years ago about my custom padded Cascade. To say the least I was ecstatic. When I commissioned the jacket, it was to wear when riding my Triton cafe racer. However, as luck would have it, when I finally got the bike running (after nearly two years), the jacket proved too short in the back, faced with the extreme hunched over riding position.
I contacted John, and after some telephone conversations and pictures sent, he asked me to send it back to them. Less than five weeks later, a brand new jacket turned up on my doorstep free of charge. Did it fit you may ask? Is the Pope a Catholic? Fits like a glove. 1000% satisfaction, above and beyond customer service. Truly the best in the world! Thank-you John.

Chuka Umunna

I’ve owned a custom Columbia and Ranger Pants and other accessories since 1996. They are the toughest riding gear I own. I’ve owned many types over the years but none of them stand up to my Langlitz. I’ve gotten rid of the others and will only wear Langlitz Leathers. People I meet always comment on the sturdiness and appearance of my Langlitz. I’ll always be a Langlitz client. The service is the best. Super friendly knowledgeable staff. In fact, I’ll drive to Oregon for all my leather goods. For some reason Oregon produces the finest leather garments and boots, etc. I’ve ever owned, worldwide. It can stand the gaff!

Cecil Unrau

In the 40’s my Dad had Ross make him a custom Columbia jacket, I now own it most comfortable jacket you can own. I also have my own jacket that I have owned for over 20 years it is my go to jacket when it gets cooler I recommend this company to everyone!

Rena Schmidt

Hello Scott, Bennie & the whole Langlitz team,

I want to thank you very much for the pants. They do look great and feel great. The material, the workmanship, the look – beautiful. Your website and catalog doesn’t even come close to the real product.

I wish I would have known your company a lot earlier. Thank you again. For the great contact, your help and advice and to you and your team for building such great motorcycle leathers.

Kind regards,

Juergen S

Over the last couple of weeks I visted my daughter in Corvallis OR and then went north as part of a 5-state road trip. Part of my planning was a stop at Langlitz Leathers to buy a much needed new jacket. I can date my old jacket back to 1965 and needless to say, it was worn out.

John at Langlitz was very helpful in making sure the custom made jacket I needed was exactly what I wanted. I started out with the “Columbia” and customized it to my particular liking and needs. Today it arrived in the mail. It fits perfectly!

Bennie, the jacket maker, included a thank you.

Have to say….great quality, and a very well made jacket. I figure that at age 68, this is definitely the last riding jacket I will ever have to own.

Thank you Langlitz Leathers for your customer service and for a high quality American made riding jacket

Dave Newman

I ordered a padded Columbia and leather jeans. Fit was perfect, and Scott and Bennie couldn’t have been more helpful. In fact, I loved the jacket and pants so much, I ordered an unlined Cascade in white (I live in Florida), and Scott totally made the experience and final product perfect! In today’s wold, customer service is almost always over promised and under delivered, but with LL, my expectations have been surpassed. I’m a customer for life!

Dan W

My experience and two cents.

I’ve had a few jackets over the years and have always wanted a Langlitz. I’m a father of three and simply cannot afford a new one. But I knew of their quality through other riders’ testimonies, forums and other research. So I started last year looking for a good used one. I’m an oddball size on a budget, so finding the right one for me was a challenge to say the least.
While out and about one day I came across a guy parting with one. I liked it, it seemed to fit okay and the price was within my price range. I nabbed it up and wore it with pride. While on my way home from Albany Or (about 1.5 hrs south of the shop) I decide to stop in and talk with them a little about my find. I knew that the arms were a little longer than I’d like and was genuinely curious to see how close of a fit I got on this used jacket.
Bennie (I believe this was his name) greeted me as I walk in. Real down to earth atmospherics in the place. Like your typical Ma & Pa’s hometown cookin-type joint. Anyway, we get to talking and I ask him to check me out with the jacket on. The shoulders, chest, waist and length were right on. The arms, as I suspected, were in fact a little long. So we start talking about alterations and costs.
He levels with me from the get-go. He tells me that there’s two ways it can be done. The cheap way and the more expensive way. He explains to me the difference. One is just cutting the sleeves a bit, rolling them back 3/4″ (I think) and sewing it back up. The more expensive was actually removing, replacing the zipper (on the cuff), cutting the length of the arms on the jacket and putting it all back together. He explains that with the cheaper route, I loose a little zipper usage. More expensive route, and I get to keep the full zipper.
Which one I chose to go with is irrelevant. Focus instead on how they treated me. Though I didn’t come in and get a new jacket from them, they were more than interested in ensuring that I got only what I wanted. They were looking out for my best interest. They could have easily told me to buy one of theirs but instead, they helped me out with what I had. Keep in mind, I knew ahead of time that my sleeves were long, so it’s not like the guy was pressing me for a little business. He just simply educated me.
After contemplating it for a bit, I decided to leave the jacket behind, get back on the road and continue my journey back home. Guy says (for this job) that it’s gonna be a few days before they can square me away. I told him to give me a call when it’s done and I’ll decide if I want them to ship it or if I was going to be able to pick it up. Next day I get a call saying it’s done. Shocked, I thanked em and just decided to have them ship it. I got it the following day.
What I got in the mail was nothing but perfection. The seems were clean and tight. The the jacket looked as if it was like that the whole time. Couldn’t even tell there was an alteration. I threw it on and it was EXACTLY how I wanted it to fit me. This was about a month ago. I’ve rode about 1200 miles since and the ‘newness’ of having this jacket right has surely warn off. They have truly done a great job with hooking me up, and hooking me up right.
To all you guys (and gals) down there at Langlitz: Thank you for what you’ve done for us riders. Your detection to putting together quality safety gear for us does not go unnoticed. And Bennie (if I got that right), you’re a stand-up guy that I’d trust at my place anytime. Good looking out brother. Thank you.
I may not be able to afford a new custom fit jacket in the foreseeable future, but I will surely keep you in mind when/if it ever comes down to it. That padded pocket columbia looks pretty damn cool…

Jason Caldwell
JBLM Washington

Jason Caldwell

Here’s a shout-out to all the professionals at Langlitz Leathers. I love my new Crescent custom jacket. John is a master when it comes to custom measuring. This is my second Langlitz jacket and I couldn’t be happier. I walked into the shop on April 6th and on April 15th Bennie notified me it was ready for shipping. What service! I’m a Langlitz customer for life!

Luke Johnson

I wanted to give a big thumbs up to the guys at Langlitz for handling the sale of my dad’s green label jacket. They valued my Jacket and within a month got me full value for it. It was a pleasure working with them.. took all the hassle out of tiring to do it myself

Mihael Sprague

My flight jacket surpassed all of my expectations and is truly a functional work-of-art! From the quality of the jacket, it is clear that the folks at Langlitz Leathers take pride in what they do and are concerned about creating an excellent product. Also, I can’t say enough good things about the customer service. During the entire process, everyone at Langlitz Leathers were friendly and quick with responses to my many questions. While a Langlitz Leathers jacket is not inexpensive,the jacket is worth every penny!

Jon J.

thanks for the very fast delivery. As I put my Padded Columbia on I figured that this is the very best motorcycle jacket I’ve ever owned…and I`m riding motorcycles for 32 years. The jacket fits excellent and I appreciate the extraordinary quality. The employees of Langlitz Leathers did an excellent job…thanks a lot!!!
I think this jacket will last a lifetime.
Cheers!…from Germany…Ralf

Ralf Holler

I am from Beaverton originally and lived in the Portland area through my college years. In the late 1960’s I parked my BMW in front of the shop and walked in just to look around. I bought a jacket off a rack that was, I think, one that someone had ordered and did not pick up. That jacket served me well on trips all over the world. The most epic was through Europe and North Africa, up through Sicily and then Greece, and eventually to the middle east. It has protected me in every sort of weather from ice storms and snow to desert blowing sand. Twice it took the brunt of contact with the pavement and once saved me as I broke through barbed wire in Sicily. Though I don’t ride anymore it still hangs in a closet and reminds me of what perfection in a jacket can be.

Gordon Burns

Bought my Langlitz pants in 1980. Used.They lasted until 2012. 32 years ! Finally bought a new pair of goat. They will last longer than me. You gotta love fine quality.

Ted Tracy

Having worn my original Columbia jacket out, took me 33 years of use and abuse. I ordered a new goat skin Columbia in 2006. The jacket arrived quickly and was as usual top notch quality. Thus far nothing out of the ordinary for a Langlitz product, the ordinary happened in April of 2013. I was cut off by a distracted motorist and as a result I somersaulted over the car bounced a few times of another and then slid on the pavement.
Being a firm believer in good riding gear, I managed to walk away from the collision with out as much as a scratch. The Columbia jacket took the full impact and my sliding down the pavement and it was totally in tact. The insurance adjuster was ready to payout for my safety gear and would not believe that the jacket survived the accident. Matter of fact, the jacket is still doing what it should do, protecting me.


I called by the store to get measured for my leathers. It was an easy process with the friendly help of Scott and Bennie. My order for jacket and breeches was ready ahead of time and shipped for collection in NYC as I had asked. The finished product just shouts QUALITY and (very importantly) the fit is good. I would definitely recommend them. Feels great to wear such fine and good-looking gear.

David Robinson

Dear Sirs,

This is to notify you of a very serious accident I was in on 8-28-14 while riding a 2000 Harley Davidson Duece from Seattle to Seaside, Oregon followed by my significant other in a automobile.

While topping the hill on the south end of the Longview bridge hill on highway 30 I heard a very loud squealing from the rear wheel and felt a loss of power at the same time, while looking for a place to pull over the bize started to shimmey and then all of a sudden all hell broke loose and I was down and tumbling, skidding, end over end, you name it I certainly did it for 200 feet.

I came to a stop in the middle of the highway and tried to get up but was cautioned by bystanders to stay down as it was a miracle to them I was still alive.

I felt 3 significant impacts to the head which my helmet absorbed magnificently as I never lost consciousness. Upon arriving at the Saint Johns hospital in Longview and examined exstensivly it was found that I had no broken bones or much road rash to speak about. Why? Langlitz of course, the same Langlitz goat skin coat and full pants had saved my ass most wonderfully. I am so grateful that I chose to wear my Langlitz on that day, the $1600 I paid for them pales when measured against what they did for me when I hit the road at 60 mph and then got hit by my significant other from behind after I started down as she had no time to react. I task anyone to take this accounting to the bank and to ask yourself “are Langlitz the leathers to buy and wear when riding?” forget what they cost it is minimal for the return you get when something like this happens, THINK ABOUT IT!!! Langlitz, thank you for saving my life!!!!

Duane Heller

I sat for my fitting at the shop in 2002. Got the full bore jacket w/belt, pockets and waffle padding. There is no better riding jacket period. People always ask me where I got the jacket. I tell them to pay the price and they’ll never regret it. Ride safe and ride proud.

Jim warburton

So I’m a pretty picky guy.

Plus, I’ve been in the menswear industry for most of my adult life as a buyer and designer so I really know what I want. Lastly I am really, really, really hard to fit since I’m a short, fat weightlifter. Nothing off the rack really fits me and I’ve never had a good experience trying to get something made to measure.

I got my Langlitz jacket today and it is ABSOLUTLY PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything about it is perfect. It fits exactly as you said it would, I love all the options you guided me through and more importantly what not to do, and it arrived in three weeks (I expected two to three months)!!

Thanks again, Peter Maynard

Peter Maynard

I’d been looking for a hip hugger when I found out that Langlitz make such bags and without giving much consideration to the brand choice opted for Langlitz. I’ve seen dozens of such bags and I’ve never seen anything even close to the equal of Langlitz not for only quality or premium materials which are used but for the history and heritage they carry. My choice was a Goatskin two-tone (gold and black) padded with gold thread waist bag. Looks insane, feels perfectly and makes me feel good and happy every day! The Instagram picture could be seen by following the link: Thanks to the whole Langlitz team and personally Scott and Bennie. Roma.


I had seen the quality and style of a Langlitz years ago from a friend who rode for the Portland Police Motorcycle division, so when the time came for me to decide what to wear when I ride, the first choice was Langlitz.

It’s true that you get what you pay for and I paid a lot. But the guys at Langlitz were very nice to me and my money. I decided on a very traditional Columbia with the ten pocket option in goatskin. It took me two months to find the hidden tenth pocket but I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

Buy quality and you only wince once. I have yet to wince.

Robert Pyland

In the early 80’s my brother bought a Langlitz jacket that he had made for him. Goatskin and similar to a Cascade, he quit riding soon after so I bought it and wore it for 25 or so years till I, ahem, outgrew it. It was the most wonderful and personable thing I ever motorcycled with! Always ready, I cried when I passed it on but I hope whoever has it now will sense it’s warmth and willingness to please. Great jacket, great memories. I dream of having another but…

Fred Rick

I have just received my vest ” LL ” a little customisée… As usual, the team of Langlitz worked how true artists!! Thanks to all the team! I am very very satisfied. You represent to 100 % the true ” artisans American ” of jackets leathers intended for the motorcycle… You make for me dream about the boys!!!!


I just got my Padded Columbia Jacket and Breeches. And I have to say, I expected a lot, and it came out even better. I was scared when I and a friend took the measurements based on the detailed instructions. So many mistakes you can make, and it came out superbly. Super fit. Fantastic leather quality. Just what I had hoped for. Thank you to the team at Langlitz for a perfect biker outfit.

Michael Schwarz

I purchased a modified Cascade jacket and it is absolutely fantastic. Bennie and Scott were a delight to work with in the early stages of designing the jacket, talking me through the options and accommodating me with numerous leather samples and suggestions. The craftsmanship involved in making such an article is very impressive, and I want to thank John for his expert sizing advice, and Marcus and Sarah for their flawless cutting and sewing of this jacket. I now understand the popularity of Langlitz in Japan, where there is a deep respect for the kind of skill that only comes with many years of work and careful attention to one’s craft. I feel proud to be a customer, to support that kind of outlook and an enterprise that has been sustained through multiple generations. Bravo!

Len W

I was on the web and stumbled on your site…..I bought a jacket from you back in 1964(?) and wore it for 20-25 years. I bought it when in high school (Western Penna) and before I graduated HS I had been in every state East of the Mississippi River including Eastern Canada, Quebec, and Nova Scotia…and all the way to Key West, Fla. I had a BWM R27 250cc as my first bike and later on an R50 500cc bike. Over the years I have had at least 20+ different bikes. The only reason I sold my jacket to another biker was that I gained weight and couldn’t wear it anymore. It was still in good condition. The jacket was a “Columbia” (I think) with a fur collar and extra padding on the elbows and shoulders. My friend “Ron” also bought a jacket at the same time and wore it for a number of years as well. Your jackets are absolute first quality and kept me warm and dry for many years. Also it saved me a ton of skin when I had the misfortune to go sliding down the asphalt numerous times! Just thought you should know that you had a satisfied customer. I’m in my late 60’s and haven’t ridden for many years…BUT…I’m starting to get that “itch’ again now that I’m retired. I wish you guys all the very best..!!

Bob Reed

There are many factors in selecting a leather for you. Type of leather, cut of the garment , color, weight of the leather, zippers, fasteners, etc. Many of these types of things aren’t customizable with an off the rack jacket. Even many custom manufactures who will give you some of these options will still not be fully suitable by selecting either a size based on your chest which will equate to a generic Small, Medium, Large, XL and so on. Many of the manufactures will start with a standard of an ideal 5’ 9”- 5’ 11” man and build from there, but what happens when you aren’t 5’ 10” tall?

I can tell you for many years I’ve owned a fair share of leather jackets. Some will fit perfectly in the chest, but the sleeves are too short. Others will be great in the sleeves and billow in the chest. It seems most folks will find a common ground, a “close enough”, “I’ll just wear a sweatshirt under it” or “I’ll use this to as an excuse to loose weight”. We all have made excuses to get into a new product, but after years of making excuses, I’d had it.

I’m 6’ 2” tall, 200 lb.. I’m not overtly overweight or strangely proportioned. My common problems are either a garment is too short in the body, too short in the arms, too tight or too loose in the chest. I just couldn’t seem to find a decent jacket that fits properly. After ordering other top manufacturers products and going round-after-round I found that blanket sizing wasn’t going to make me satisfied when spending hard earned money.

For other manufacturers who many measure up 2-3 points on your body to build you a custom product, Langitz measures 12-14 points. The results on both my riding jacket and pants are nothing less than perfection! I realize how special this is to me whenever I put on other outerwear that I’ve selected and realize how poorly they fit me in comparison.

The customization goes far beyond just something tailored to your proportions. The folks at Langlitz were on board for many ideas I had that I wanted to put into my jacket and bent over backwards to make my jacket not only special, but as I wanted it.

Langlitz products are classically designed and geared mainly for riding. They are heavy and are stiff when new. If you are looking for something other than the purpose of utility of use, you may wish to look elsewhere. Owning a new Langlitz is a relationship that will take a little time to break in, but when it does, you will be very happy. Being only a week into my new jacket, though the cut is exact, it’s just beginning to breaking in and feel like part of me. I look forward to 4 months from now when it is just the jacket settles in on my frame.

K Carter

I imagine many Langlitz customers select a model from the catalog, take measurements, and send-in the order–one, two, three–making light work for the gents manning the phones and email in Oregon.

Then there are guys like me, who research, inquire, design, research more, inquire again, and re-design while customizing their made-to-order Langlitz–keeping the gents a bit more busy.

Scott and John fielded all my questions with patience and enthusiasm. The people at Langlitz are clearly proud of their heritage, reputation, and craftsmanship; and sincerely want their customers to get what they want…and with gentle nudging at times…what they need.

On page one of their catalog, the Langlitz philosophy states: “We at Langlitz Leathers are happy when our customer is happy!” Believe it. This has been one of the finest customer service experiences I’ve encountered in any business.

As for my new leather…it’s perfect. Nothing fits, feels, performs, and looks like a custom Langlitz.

There is a reason people take the time to offer a testimonial here. It is in genuine appreciation for a family-owned, independent business that continues to deliver the highest-level of service and quality around. Thank you to all at Langlitz–you rock!

Steve K

From the great personal service and straight forward idiot-proof ordering process. I joined the line to have my Columbia Padded Jacket made for me. The waiting is all part of the expectation and understanding in this hand crafted finery. When it arrived, many weeks earlier than expected, it was beyond my expectations! Wrapped in a non-fuss & discreet brown paper, beating out all the flashy over the top packaging any wannabe brands use. I opened it up, unfolded the black leather beast of a jacket, slipped it on and couldn’t believe the perfect tailored fit! Perfection.

Thanks to all at Langlitz and to whom were involved in making my jacket!

Chris Bolton

Had a custom vest made,It was delivered a week and a half earlier than promised and was crafted perfectly to the order. The attention to detail of the extra things I wanted built in were perfect, the service and personalities of the staff at Langlitz goes above and beyond to make your buying experience worth the trip. They can also recommend great eating establishments in the area while you wait for repairs or before the trip home.
Thanks for the great service,I will be back when I need more leather.

Doug Lawson

When I was able to join our motorcycle unit (Bellevue, Washington) in 1968 I asked our Harley dealer in Seattle “What is the best leather jacket?” There’s only one; have one made by Langlitz was the answer. I remember Mama Drager, at Drager Harley Davidson, spent an amazing amount of time measuring me for a good fit. I selected a medium weight horsehide.
I was 29 year old, and rode for most of my police career. It continues to be my jacket of choice to this day. I’m proud to say the jacket still fits without letting out the waist lacing!, After 46 years I’m still riding and wearing the jacket.
I’ve had countless people ask me where I got the jacket. Apparently there’s a lack of quality bike wear, especially jackets. Mine is like new. Even the pockets are good after all these 46 years. In this day of low quality riding gear, Langlitz stands out at the very top foor quality!

Ian Wallace

I have worn Langlitz since I began riding on the street at the age of 16. I borrowed a match set (jacket & Pants) from a friend that was not using them. I later grew out of these and had to buy my own. My wife also has the goatskin set and loves them. I am more than satisfied with my goatskin jacket and pants and can count on immediate help with any concerns. Over the years I’ve had countless compliments on my Langlitz gear. Some folks have said that these are to expensive. My response is always “How much is your skin worth ?” These are the best built and best looking leathers in the world ! No other company rivals the craftsmanship and materials used. Besides that it’s custom made! Beautiful handcrafted armor cleverly disguised as highly fashionable wear. The people here are good down to earth folks. The very people that you want to give your business to.
Thank you Langlitz.

Kevin Rotter

I’ve been riding for 20+ years and finally invested in a high quality leather jacket. The custom fitting and the quality of the materials makes my leather the finest piece of clothing I’ve ever owned. I love my jacket, thanks to all at Langlitz that helped me!!!!!

Steven Squillace

If I were to describe Langlitz Leathers in one word, I would be left speechless. They’re that good. Luckily, I’m not limited to one word, so I can use my whole vocabulary to praise Langlitz to the Heavens. I own two Schotts and have closely examined & tried on a Vanson, both of which are renowned USA leather manufacturers considered to be among the best. Both the Schotts and Vanson were blown away by my Padded Pocket Columbia, in black goatskin. In all aspects, such as leather quality, weight, fit and construction (the stitching is PERFECT; please thank the seamstresses for their amazing work), Langlitz ranks high above all others. Being a custom-made garment, the fit is exactly how you want it to be– no jacket will ever feel the same. The goatskin is so nice, so supple yet rugged, and it smells divine! This jacket also far outweighs my Schotts, I couldn’t believe the weight of this jacket when I just got it (and the goatskin is the “lighter” weight leather that Langlitz uses)!
This beauty of a jacket is quality and perfection throughout, as soon as you first put it on you know you won’t need any other jacket for the rest of your life (and Langlitz’s 100% satisfaction guarantee makes sure the jacket stays with you for that long). Their leathers aren’t the only thing that ranks Langlitz as the best; you come for the gear but stay for the amazing customer service. Like many others on this page have said, you won’t find customer service like Langlitz’s anywhere. Period. Scott always responded swiftly and with very detailed answers to my many questions! I want to thank you, Scott, and everyone else at Langlitz for providing such a pleasant customer experience. You really took the time to help me find out what I wanted to know. Best customer service out there, hands down. I’d call it customer dedication ;-). They’ll stick with you forever in case something happens to your jacket and will even make you a new jacket if there’s something wrong with the fit or if
you don’t like it. They’re not happy until you are happy. Another thing worth noting: I ordered this jacket on December 26th and was told the production time would be about 2 months– I received this jacket on January 30th! What a pleasant surprise that was… I have yet to buy my first motorcycle (already saving up, though!), but I know this jacket will travel many miles with me on my journeys and will save my inferior human skin more than once. Hats off to Langlitz Leathers, world’s finest motorcycle garment manufacturers. You just went and got yourself another lifelong customer. I’ll be back for some breeches and a vest very soon!

Leather on!

Mendel Brandt

I wanted to take a brief moment to thank John and Benie at Langlitz. My jacket arrived the other day and I was so very impressed when I unwrapped it. I have several leather jackets from excellent manufacturers. None of them are a Langlitz. None measure up. One of the most amazing things about Langlitz is their customer service. I will always pick the company with the best service. Good luck in finding one better than the folks at Langlitz. Langlitz combines the best customer service I have encountered in many years with the expertise and craftsmanship that rarely exists in today’s world. Anytime I had a question, John calmly explained in detail as if he had all day to speak with me and I was his only customer. I cannot begin to say enough good things about Langlitz. So if you are in the market for a motorcycle jacket you might as well buy the best. John, Benie, thanks so much for crafting such a wonderful jacket and thanks again for your patience and professionalism.

John Priddy

Just unwrapped the big ,brown paper package. HOT DOG ! My new Crescent jacket! It’s absolutely beautiful ! Perfect fit. Beautiful design and craftsmanship. I haven’t been able to take it off. I’ve looked in the mirror a half dozen times. Outstanding Job ! Thanks to all involved. Best Wishes, Bill Houston

William Houston

I purchased both a Columbia Jacket and a Cascade Jacket as well as a pair of Western pants last summer. I have never had such fine leather garments before from anywhere. I’m still stunned by how great they feel and look every time I put them on. They never fail to draw attention and are as comfortable as they are attractive. The staff are friendly and super cool guys all the way around. I can’t say enough what a huge fan I am. Nothing compares to Langlitz.

Brian Holt

ah, the best stuff is always so expensive, but what can ya do? Prices here are extremely steep (e.g., $1,100 for some leather jackets), but quality is the very highest and they do custom work. Consider goat instead of cow (more durable, lighter weight, and worth the extra $100), and if you’re in Puddletown and can come to their store, look through their used stuff–all were made originally by Langlitz. While even the used jackets are extremely expensive (mine was $700!), they’re significantly cheaper than their new jackets and their used jackets are in MINT condition.

Steve Austin

I got fit up for my first Langlitz Padded Pocket Columbia in 1992, driving 3 hours south on the I-5 to The Shop. Nice lady patiently wrote down the many changes requested for MY jacket. 20 weeks later, my sister, her bf, my gf and I made the ride down the I-5 to pick it up. Fit like a glove, heavyweight leather, the smell, the perfect cut and location for pockets. That jacket and I travelled the world together, it kept everything at the ready, took a german shepherd bite without a scuff, and saved my hide too many times to count. Last year, about this time (November, 2013), I had cause to put the jacket on, and it no longer fit. I weigh 60 lbs more than I did 21 years ago. Talked with Dave, and he agreed to consign it for me. A Japanese fella picked it up a few months after it was consigned. Be honest, I cried a bit when I had to give up the jacket because we had been through so much together, but there is no way I am going to drop more than 20 lbs unless I get a terminal illness.
Anyway, flew UP to Seattle last weekend, drove DOWN the I-5 again and spent about an hour with John. They still had my paperwork from 1992, and I was carefully measured for my new jacket which should be ready in about 8 weeks. I have no doubt in my mind that this jacket will provide every bit as good wear as the first one did. Langlitz Leathers are the absolute pinnacle of a quality custom-made leather jacket in the world, and I have been proud to be able to go to The Shop and see how they do it.

Steven Garsson

I’ve had all the other “US Made” leathers, but nothing compares. My columbia is by far the best jacket i’ve ever owner. I could not be happier.

James D.

I followed the clearly illustrated PDF and had my Lady do the measurements. The paperwork was mailed, and a few days later, I received a phone call to review my order. Six weeks to the day, I received another phone call to say that the jacket was ready and would be shipped that day. It arrived, and I am now the happiest man alive. Great work Guys, great work! Buy American, buy Langlitz, and you buy the best! Cheers.

Chuka Umunna

I’m fortunate to say that Langlitz Leather has been my only motorcycle leather jacket supplier for well over thirty years. I have dealt with both Jackie and Dave personally during this time. I began my jacket quest with Langlitz with a Custom Columbia which I for a number of years and when I outgrew it, I moved on to a custom Flight Jacket. Some year’s later, I was sideswiped by a pickup truck’s extended mirror and the goatskin leather took the brunt of the hit and the jacket saved my skin but needed to be replaced. I contacted Jackie, informed her what occurred and we both designed over the phone a combination one of a kind Columbia-Flight Jacket totally customed made of heavy black goatskin. I still have the work-of-art, wear it a lot of the time on both my Harley and on the street and the jacket never leaves my side and still looks and feels great! Companies like Langlitz, Wesco and other American high quality manufacturers are THE place to shop. Kudos to Langlitz from an appreciative customer and rider!

Jerry Shustrin

I received the pants today, much sooner than I was hoping for… they look
great and fit very well.


When I bought my first MOTORCYCLE in 1980, a new Yamaha XS 1100 LG MIDNIGHT SPECIAL (previously, I had motorbikes, a honda 90, and a suzuki 400). I lived in The Dalles, Ore. but worked at the aluminum plant at the John Day dam on the Columbia River.
Needless to say, it only took from April(when I bought the new bike) until October to figure out that I needed more protection than my Wranglers and an old leather welding jacket could provide. So I started asking about riding gear. My motorcycle dealer suggested Langlitz Leathers, by this time, it was Dec. and I wasn’t riding much. I don’t remember exactly when my wife and I showed up at the store, unannounced, of course, (I never make appointments because I never know WHEN I’m going to be WHERE). the shop was busy, but Ross was there, and he personally measured me for my leathers, I’ve never thought about it until now, but I was given the honor to be fitted by the “KING OF MOTORCYCLE LEATHERS”.
My outfit protected me for the next three years, rain, snow, sleet,sub-zero temperatures, and especially, WIND.
Ross advised me that the leathers wouldn’t protect as well with the gold stripes I asked for on the sleeves and legs as they would without them but I am stubborn, and insisted. He relented, and I got them. Thirty two years later they still look fantastic.
In my estimation, Langlitz Leathers are the best in the world. Only top quality materials are used in their construction. There are NO flaws.


I cannot say enough about the customer service at Langlitz Leathers. I purchased a pair of goatskin pants and when they were not exactly what I wanted John and Scott were quick to resolve the issue and make me a new pair of pants. They absolutely mean the guarantee that if the customer is not happy then neither are they. The new pair of pants (I just received them yesterday) are perfect and I cannot wait to get on my bike and just go and ride wearing my very own Langlitz leathers. Guess a jacket will not be far behind.

Lisa Moschini

Als Ergänzung zu den berechtigten englischsprachigen Lobeshymnen nun dieser Beitrag für die deutschsprachigen Besucher auf dieser Homepage. Wer immer auf der Suche nach sehr guter Motorradbekleidung ist, sollte nach zahlreichen oftmals enttäuschenden Versuchen hier gelandet sein. Das Ziel ist dann erreicht, denn besser geht es nicht. Die Qualität der Erzeugnisse des Langlitz-Teams ist hervorragend und das Kundenservice auch. Man kann seine Anliegen in die erfahrenen Hände von Scott oder Sean geben und man wird nicht enttäuscht werden. Selbst wenn es um Detailfragen geht, wird man sich hier die Zeit nehmen, auch mehrere Mails zu schreiben und einem mit Ratschlägen zur Seite zu stehen. Ich habe anfangs gezögert, eine Bestellung, noch dazu für eine Massanfertigung; fast ans andere Ende der Welt zu schicken, wurde aber wirklich positiv überrascht. Ich bin stolzer Besitzer eines Original Langlitz-Outfits, welches nachdem es für mich “gebaut” (dazu noch später) wurde, auch mit meinem Namen versehen wurde. Hier noch ein wichtiger Punkt: Es gibt eine Art Checkliste für die Masse, die man nehmen muss. Man sollte sich dabei helfen lassen und die Anleitung genau befolgen, dann wird das Ergebnis perfekt sein. Nun noch zum “Bau” des Kleidungstücks. Man bekommt etwas, das nach traditioneller Handwerkskunst erzeugt wird, und die Robustheit des Materials und der Verarbeitung überzeugt wirklich. Eine Phase des Eintragens ist unvermeidbar, denn anfänglich ist alles noch ziemlich steif. Ich habe mich anfänglich in meiner Padded Pocket Columbia und Padded Breeches nicht nur 7 Kilo (!) schwerer sondern auch wie in einer Rüstung gefühlt. Nach einigen Tagen/Wochen wird es zu einer zweite Haut, die man als Motorradfahrer nicht mehr missen möchte. Meine letzte Errungenschaft war eine Lederjeans (Westerns), welche ich nach einer knapp 3 wöchigen Wartezeit heute in bewährter Qualität erhielt und für die ich gerne einen auf den ersten Blick stolzen Preis bezahle. Wer mit berechtigtem handwerklichem Stolz Qualität liefert, wie sie heutzutage nur schwer zu finden ist, dem gebührt auch der angemessenen Preis dafür. Also: Nicht abschrecken lassen, sondern bestellen und sich viele Jahre daran erfreuen!


The vest is beyond our expectations Impeccable craftsmanship and a new standard in personal service. Cannot wait for our next purchase.

John J

Wow!!!! Now dat der is whut I wud call a j’kit. I slit open at air brown wrapper and whooeee, it shore wuz purty!! Sally Mae cum a’running to rub er hands on hit. Wow, Wow, Wow. Shore ‘preciate at air store bought soap bar and all ‘em goodies in at air itti bitti pouch. Hit shore wuz a pleasant sir’prise to.

Seriously, the Pocket Columbia jacket is a great piece of craftsmanship and a masterpiece of aesthetic beauty. I immediately tried it on and with a little adjustment on the sides, it fit perfectly. Please be sure to pass on my admiration and praise to all who participated in its construction. A hell of a job well done! Thanks to all who autographed the jacket, that is most appreciated. I will wear the jacket with great pride and will sing the praise of Langlitz Leathers and to the professionals who create miracles there. I am most pleased.


I received my jacket yesterday neatly wrapped in heavy brown paper and waited until evening to open the package.

What I found was amazing. Truly amazing. I’m not a rich man but I do enjoy quality goods. I’d rather go without than to settle for anything less than the best. My boots, for example, are hand made Lucchese Classic’s with a fit and feel to match. My leather riding jackets will now be Langlitz. Quality craftsmanship paired with great customer service is good recipe for success.

The fit, I believe, is perfect. The jacket is snug around my belt area but not tight. I would imagine that there will be some give too as the jacket is broken in. Length appears good too. It rides up a bit, when sitting, but it’s new. I hope to field test this weekend!

My whole experience with Langlitz was terrific. Please let everyone on your team know that Langlitz has another customer for life.

Nice work!

Mark S.

I just picked up my red goatskin cascade last night and I am beyond happy with it. It is the most beautiful leather jacket I’ve seen and I can hardly wait to take it out and get bugs splattered all over it!

Luckily I live in Portland so could try on different jackets for sizing and style. Scott and crew patiently looked at many options with me for custom designed collar options, sleeve fitment, zippers, snaps, etc. I’m VERY picky about fit and details and the crew helped me get exactly what I wanted, even if that changed over the course of the design process.

Thank you Langlitz – your service and craftsmanship is excellent.


I got my jacket, a heavyweight pocket Columbia, in 1990. It is virtually bullet proof. 22 years later, it still looks wonderful, and will almost certainly outlive me. I probably will have to replace the lining this year, but after 22 years, it hardly owes me anything. I get compliments on it all the time because people simply haven’t seen a jacket so well built. This jacket is simply the best.

Mark Spiegel

Sean and Crew, my custom Cascade fits like a glove and is the finest coat I have ever owned, worth twice your price. Thank you very much for a superlative product and for “remembering who you are.”

Michael B

I have a have a hand-me-down Columbia jacket that was made for my father-in-law, over 30 years ago. It’s still comfortable and in great shape, considering that it slid under a car while he was wearing it. It’s kept me warm for many miles of riding and I hope to have it for 30 more years.

Jeff Branham

Jeff Branham

Just wanted to say thanks to the whole Langlitz crew for such a great jacket. Stopped in the shop on my first visit to Portland, ordered a standard Columbia in goatskin, and couldn’t be happier. Next up the fur collar – get’s a little chilly back east.

Keep up the good work, and hope you’re still around when I ride my old airhead from Boston to Portland to order some breeches.

Joey V.

I bought a vintage Columbia from the 80ies, but it was just a little too small. I thought about selling it and buy a new one, but it was in such a good condition that I decided to ask Langlitz for a refitting.

After a few mails and phonecalls with Sean and John, I sent my jacket to Portland. Only 3 weeks later I got it back and now it fits like a glove. Can’t wait to wear it on my bike. Thanks again for such a professional work.

Uwe from Germany

I am extremely happy with my purchase last week. I’m very lucky to have found a jacket off the rack on the returns list that fit so well.

I flew into Portland from Dallas, landed at 3:30 – drove to LL by 4, got my purchase, then made the 6 am flight the next back morning. All for a high quality awesome garment !

Thanks again !


Highest quality garment. I purchased a 10 pocket columbia in medium cow with epaulets and Sam Browne belt. The jacket is absolutely magnificent, far superior to anything out there. If you truly want to make a one time investment that will last a lifetime and be passed down to future generations then this is the company for you.

Mark A.

Please can you send me some small leather samples of the hides you offer in the Columbia
I’m considering having one made in dark brown almost black but not quite in goat hide possibly or horse
What do you guys suggest
I have not been able to find any pictures on the Internet of one in brown
Do you have any or a link??

Depends what is the toughest and one I can wear in summer as well as winter with fur collar
And belt to go with it
Kind regards
Simon goodchild


Bought my Langlitz Leathers jacket in 1971 and recently I got it out (had lost 60+ pounds) and found I can get it on and zipped up! The lining needs replacement and I had replaced the main zipper once, but feel the jacket has done well and has been worn in excess of 100,000 miles on an unfaired motorcycle.

Stephen I. Reese

I finally made it down to Vermont to pick up my jacket. It is absolutely fantastic! The leather is beautiful and the fit is great. Unfortunately it’s still down-filled parka season up here in Montreal, but that will just give me a few weeks to break it in around the house before unleashing it on the public come spring! You guys were a pleasure to do business with. Thanks again for all your help.


Dear Scott, John, Sean and the rest of the Langlitz team to whom I did not have the pleasure of talking,  I would like to sincerely thank you for the great jacket you made for me.  It fits me like a glove!!   Yes I finally received my long-awaited Langlitz Sidewinder leather jacket.  I always wanted to own a Langlitz. You know what they say though…”good things come to those who wait”. I own quite a lot of leather jackets maybe more than 15, (dienese, schott, harley etc) but nothing comes close to my Langlitz Sidewinder. It is absolutely perfect in all aspects (fit, quality, style). It is simply stunning!  I am already thinking of ordering my second Langlitz. Thank you so much really. I will treasure it and always wear it with pride.  I would also like to thank you and commend you for your conduct, the care you show to your customers and the excellent service you provide throughout. It was an extremely pleasant experience for me, one that I have never had before as a customer. Thank you all again for the best Christmas present ever!! Stavros (Cyprus)

Stavros Iacovou

In todays society when a person is looking to buy something all they have to do is power up their choice of devices and any information they request is now at their fingertips. I’m embarrassed to say before talking to a woman at work I had never heard of Langlitz but she and her husband bought leathers from them years ago and swore their were none made better. I was interested in buying a pair of pants so I started my research and was shocked to see all the positive reviews/feedback from customers. I have never researched anything and not found a single bad review until now. So on a trip to the lower 48 I scheduled an extra long layover in Portland and swung into the shop, with no appointment. The gentleman welcomed me and asked how he could help. I told him I was interested in being fit for a pair of pants in which he turned around and grabbed a pair from the rack behind him and handed them to me. I kind of looked at him like aren’t you going to ask my size or something and he just said try these on. What can I say they were a perfect fit. Since I was there I figured why not try on a jacket, well that was stupid, I ended up buying a custom made jacket. I combined both of their style jackets and added the pockets and accessories I wanted. Not to leave without being completely satisfied I had a pair of leather insulated mittens made too! For those of you who suffer from cold hands don’t waste your money on heated gloves and grips, just try these awesome mittens. Now let me tell you about quality and the price you’ll pay. In a day and age when everything is made in China and there are more Walmarts out there than ma and pa shops here is a business not looking to get rich off of Americans but instead giving us a product that we won’t have to replace in 1, 5 or even 15 years. I have worn my riding gear for 1 season before writing this review and can tell you these garments are worth more than what they sell for. In Alaska there are only a hand full of days that it’s too warm to wear a jacket and even fewer days when its too warm not to wear an insulated jacket. Take their advise and throw away your chaps and buy a pair of pants. They keep you better protected from the pavement and the elements. If you happen to be in their shop ask to see the picture of the guy who dumped his bike while wearing chaps, I guarantee you’ll buy a pair of pants that day. If you are a weekend warrior or fair weather rider or trailered your bike to sturgis you may feel like this is way too much money to pay for leathers and you should probably just go to the harley shop and buy one of those $450 jackets made in China that say “Harley Davidson” on them. However if you’re a real rider, no matter what you ride, go to Langlitz and buy some real riding gear…you won’t be disappointed, I guarantee it. Thank you for making such a fine American made product.


These are the hottest leathers in town. Everywhere I where them I am stopped and asked where they were made. They were custom made…and I will be ordering again from Langlitz. The guys professional and brilliantly helpful if you are not able to go into the shop to be measured. They keep you in the loop at all times….This is customer service at its BEST. thanks Langlitz…..I will be back Anthony aka Sydney Mr Leather 2010

Anthony Lowe

I have never ridden a motorcycle, but I do take a lot of pride in how I present myself. After purchasing a Columbia in my twenties to suit my rocker lifestyle,I needed something more versatile as I hit middle age. I then ordered a jacket with fit and features to my specifications. Essentially, it’s a variation of the Crescent. I’ve had it two years now, and the compliments just don’t stop. I can dress it up, or dress it down. Either way, it looks straight out of the pages of GQ. Many thanks for making my lifetime favorite.

Jim Reynolds

Hi Langlitz ! Just receive today in Paris my custom made Columbia : padded elbows, padded shoulders, fur collar, pockets fully lined in leather… PER-FECT ! the measurements and the tayloring are perfect, like a second skin. The choice of goatskin is great : I have a horsehide jacket and comfort is far better. This jacket is sincerely AWESOME Thanks for all : the jacket is here for Christmas because it’s the gift of all the family as you promise me…. thanks toi scott an sean !

xavier from paris

Got the jacket today. And it suits perfect! Thank u so much. A dream comes true and I’m very happy to be a proud owner of a Langlitz jacket.


I didn’t get home till late last night and awaiting my arrival was the oft spoken of ‘brown package’. I eagerly opened it up and I could tell right away this was/is something very special. I’d say you guys certainly nailed the details and the fit !! I’ve had many garments ( jackets, suits, shirts etc ) custom tailored over the years and I must say that this was one of the best fitting garments I’ve ever tried on. It feels great in the critical spots – the upper arm/arm hole area is not too snug and the sleeve length is fantastic !! I can actually extend my arms out and the sleeves do not ride up my arms….well done, bravo !! I liked the touch of stuffing the pockets with literature and forms…..neat way to ‘discover’ little nuggets of information. I also appreciate your recommendation using the brown thread on the leather…..its light enough that you get the detail of the stitching, but not overly ‘loud’ either.


I bought my first set of Langlitz in 1987. The Columbia jacket and western pants in the heaviest grade of leather available. About three years later, I was riding my 87 FLHS down a country road in the foothills of Mt. Hood when a whitetail jumped out in front of me from the right of an apple orchard. I was doing close to 60mph and didn’t even have time to hit the brakes. I hit the deer at full speed and was thrown from the bike and slid down the road in my leathers for about 100 yards. I was knocked unconcious for several minutes, but later, after waking up and looking myself over, I found that my Langlitz leathers were barely scuffed! I was not ‘scuffed’ at all although I was a little sore! Had it not been for my excellent Langlitz leathers, I’m sure I would have looked and felt like a piece of ground up hamburger. Langlitz may be ‘expensive’, but they are much less expensive than a stay in a hospital, not to mention the ‘savings’ from pain and suffering, missed work, etc. They pay for themselves many times over from just one ‘incident’ and even if you never have to ‘use’ them, they look fantastic while keeping you warm and dry! BTW, the deer was DOA and my Harley was only ‘tweaked’ a little bit. Great combination; Langlitz, Harley, and a little help from my guarding Angel!!

Kelly McCleary

The jacket arrived, and its fits to a T. Very nice, and the goat hide is lighter, more pliable, and just plain nice.

Jim H

I wanted to let you all know at Langlitz Leathers that my “refitted” jacket is a perfect fit. I’m really enjoying wearing it around, even though the weather has been a little too cool for biking. Thanks for the extra care and trouble you all took, to make sure I was taken care of, and all I can say is, “it’s a thing of beauty”! Robert


About 30+ years ago I purchased from you two pouches,one to hold a box 12ga shot shells,and another to hold the empty hulls.Do you still make them? And if so,what do you charge for them? As a side note,I rode motors for the CHP from 1968 thru 1982,wearing Langlitz leathers.GREAT STUFF…..Thanks Dan

Dan Ackerman

Today our new Langlitz jackets arrived. I got a note yesterday that the postman was at the door, but I was not at home, so he left a note that I could pick up the jackets today at the post office. You can imagine that I hardly could wait. A few hours ago I picked the parcel up and have worn my new jacket ever since. Maybe a bit silly to wear a heavy motorcycle jacket at home, but I have to break it in, haven’t I? ;-) I just want to tell you that both Mark and I love our new jackets. They are superb! We want to thank you so much for the good job you did and that everything went so smoothly. I’m sure we will come back to you again for pants or another jacket some other time. Thank you again and until a next time.


After not being satisfied with fit and quality of my previous riding jacket, I sought out the best. I did research about the top custom leather jacket companies in the world. Langlitz was mentioned time and time again. I placed a few calls to the friendly staff, sorted out some options, and proceeded to build my dream jacket. I was a bit skeptical about the fit, especially since it was a mail order, but Langlitz’s guarantee of satisfaction calmed my worries. I had read many claims about the difference in the craftsmanship and quality of the leather, but just assumed it would be a really nice jacket once I got it. I was wrong. It is an AMAZING jacket that far exceeds my expectations. Fit and finish is second to none. The leather, in my case, goatskin, is of quality I had never seen before. Langlitz really makes jackets that are the best in the world. If you are a serious enthusiast, who demands the best, there is no other choice. It’s Langlitz or nothing. As a Langlitz owner, I have so much pride wearing my jacket, knowing it was made in the USA by skilled workers. Once you have a Langlitz, you become a part of a family. I recommend Langlitz to anyone who seeks the best. There is a difference.

Thomas Spring

I’m an emergency room nurse, and have seen first hand the survivability of your leathers a couple of times. Frankly, the people wearing them should have been hurt badly, but survived without much due to your quality leathers. They told me you would simply undo the arms, or whatever piece was roughed up, and could replace it making the jacket whole again. No one else can do that, that I’ve ever heard of. So I want my own set.

Scott B

I have Westerns you custom made for me about 30 years ago, when I was around twenty years old. Although I’m not 20 years old anymore, I’m proud to say I still have the same youthful approach to life and of course, my trusty Langlitz Leathers Western pants! Thank You so much for producing such a superior quality product!

Mike R

I must have conceived the idea of wearing cool motorcycle jackets after seeing “The Lords of Flatbush” in the late 70’s. I was too poor my senior year in college to afford a jacket, but sent for the Langlitz Leathers catalog in 1979. By then I had my first motorcycle, but nobody locally sold anything like the jacket I wanted. There were ads in the back pages of motorcycle magazines and I remember requesting motorcycle gear catalogs from several sources. I regret LL does not do this anymore, at least in the mass market cycle mags I read. I would never have known about Langlitz Leathers otherwise. Lucky for me I chose Langlitz Leathers to build my first Columbia in 1981. Another Columbia in 1983 then a 17 year break. In the years 2000-2003 could Langlitz Leathers build a jacket of the same outstanding quality? The answer is “yes” and I have no doubt about 2012 and beyond. The claims made in the catalog are true as to building gear like it was done in the golden age. There are only three or four builders of what I would call quality mc jackets in the world. I would still recommend LL above the others (and I have seen the others and their best is very good). I can write the same praise about Langlitz Westerns leather pants. The customer service is outstanding. Everyone senses when they see a Langlitz Columbia for real, that here is something of extraordinary visual and tactile power. Vibrations of cool, menace and energy bursting in like nothing else can. The era that gave rise to Ross Langlitz’ business has much to teach us today. The power of a Langlitz Columbia is still there and I am still here to enjoy it despite losing my right leg above the knee in January 2012. Now I have something in common with Ross Langlitz. His example and my great Langlitz Leathers gear are one of the highlights of my life. May you long endure.

Bob Cruce

I came back to to riding after nearly 30 years off because I decided I needed to live my life and have fun, rather than trying to be someone that I am not. That said, after buying a cheap jacket and chaps that didn’t fit, I decided that I deserved a set of Langlitz and ended up with 2 jackets (both Columbia’s – one with a dress collar and one with a cossack collar) and a pair of westerns. I couldn’t be happier. I have worn them in rain, snow and sleet without getting wet, and stayed warm. The workmanship is awesome: the jackets fit like a glove, and getting the goatskin is well worth the extra dollars. Pants are also great and keep me well covered. My old stuff has gone to the consignment store. To top it all off, I got a pair of custom Wesco boots to be sure I was comfortable and happy. Thanks Langlitz; worth every penny.

Blue Bickford

I bought my Columbia 3 years ago. Went back and got my Western pants a few months later. Turned around and got the Cascade shortly thereafter. After 35 years of riding all over the world, I would not buy any other brand. My old riding gear has been relocated to the dumpster. Great gear, no comparison!!!


Came in Monday and had my zipper replaced. You folks are great. The service was quick and easy and everyone I talked to was very friendly. Just another reason why I wear Langlitz. It’s nice to do business with a company where the people genuinely are happy to be there. Thank you


Good Morning All: I received my pants last night and I could not believe several things! The perfect fit , The exceptional Quality , I could not have expected anything better , I hope you can tell that I am real happy with my pants. And to make it even better you got them to me not only before the Sturgis Rally but I am riding to the Wauseon antique run this weekend so they are going on their first trip this afternoon! This fall I will be ordering A shirt so I will be contacting you later. Again, I say Thank You to everyone and I will be wearing these pants with pride for many years to come! Tim Gustavison (Happy in Michigan)


Got my jacket yesterday and wanted the company to know great the jacket is. It fits perfect, the leather is awesome and the stitching is second to none. I have many jackets from many makers some custom some not but this is the first time I have opened a jacket and had nothing I could find I wish I could change. Great job Langlitz, I can see why you have been around since 1947.


hey langlitz leathers. i just wanted to say that i got the coat back, like a while ago but i have been busy. i wanted to say its awesome. i wear it everywhere. and i have gotten comments on it. if you know anything about coats you can tell this is custom made. so hopefully someone i talk to will get a coat from you guys too. thanks for the quick communications and the personal touch with the phone calls. it was a good experience and the product is well worth every penny. maybe someday ill drop in.


Dear Sean and everybody else who collaborated on building my new Westerns…they are absolutely fantastic. I don’t really know where to begin to tell you how much I like them. Let’s try it like this: FIT: These pants fit exactly like my Levi’s fit, and they are just as comfortable. Not too tight, just perfectly snug. I can wear over my Levi’s or by themselves with a perfect fit both ways. Your special order measuring page and instructions worked perfectly! They are also amazingly easy to put on and take off, even without using the side zippers. WORKMANSHIP: Again, 5 stars. The pieces fit together perfectly, the side zippers work smoothly and easily, and the stitching is of the highest quality, both on the outside with the pockets and on the inside with the seams and lining. LEATHER: My pants are made of dark brown goat leather which is flawless…no little “personality” blemishes, no creases, just smooth, soft, even leather. APPEARANCE: The pants are just as beautiful to look at as they are to wear, plus they have the exact same low-rider waist as my Levi’s, which is just what I wanted. OVER-ALL: Fantastic! I am usually skeptical about finding just what I am looking for, but in this case my expectations were far exceeded. Again, thank you all for doing such an amazing job. I will certainly come back for a vest and probably a jacket.


Hello All, thanks for the ACE and SUPERB leathers I picked up today from the parcels office. Just perfect in every way. Have been out on my bike aleady in them. Will be back for a pair of rangers breeches for deffinite. Do you keep customers measurements or is it just job by job? Thanks again, so pleased.


Just received the parcel today, great ! Langlitz leathers are really the best of the world ! The jacket and trousers are amazing, and perfet size. Thanks a lot !


“Nothing FITZ like LANGLITZ ” TM.


I still have the Cascade that you custom made for me in February 1985. That was during my sophomore year in college. I was still “filling out” at the time and after a year of working out, I could no longer zip it shut. In January 1986, you made it bigger in the chest and shoulders by adding a tapered strip of leather next to the zipper. Now, 25 years later, it is still going strong and gets worn on a regular basis. The chest and shoulders still fit (a little snugly), but lately I have to suck in my gut a little to get the zipper started. I also still have the Gauntlet mittens that you made for me in 1986. They have gotten plenty of use over the years, but with regular applications of your leather dressing, they too are surprisingly still going strong. I was 20 years old when I bought them and could never have imagined that I would still own them and would still be using them 25 years later. Recently, I moved from New York to Paris, France and have resumed riding much more frequently. I do not have a car here, so I am on my bike almost every day. The weather here is a lot like Portland; chilly and wet from October through April. The Cascade is good for when it is not too cold, but when it does get colder, I look silly and feel like an overstuffed sausage trying to layer a sweater or two underneath it. I have looked at some of the leathers that they sell here and they just don’t compare to yours. If I ever were to hit the pavement, I would much rather be in my 26 year old Cascade than in anything I have seen here. While I would never consider parting with my Cascade, I would like to order a (slightly larger) Columbia and a set of Westerns to supplement the Cascade.


This is to report that my jacket (a Cascade) was completed and delivered to my address a few minutes ago. By your calculations, thus it was finished early! The main thing to report is that it appears to be perfect in all respects. Especially the details of the interior pockets, the gun pocket on the left interior side and all of the leather pocket linings and the length of the sleeves and circumference of the wrists. I know that there was some concern about the measurements, but after expertly resolving them per telephone call, the resulting measurements were right on. Especially I know that you were concerned about the outer sleeve length (25.0 inches) and this indeed was the correct measurement. I believe that there is just the right amount of space around the shoulders for mobility plus the occasional use of a nice cashmere sweater. The length of the front and back is also just right. I like some coverage of the sacrum and this is a difficult area to get right with a lessor amount needed in the front for some forward lean than in the back! Thus it appears that there is no substitution for experience! I have just brought the jacket in to observe it in the bright sunlight and can report that the chocolate color is really spectacular! Just the right combination of dressy and utilitarian! I thank you for making such a beautifully designed and crafted jacket. I’m sure it will offer years of quality service!


I was doing some nostalgic web-surfing tonight and for just decided to search for Langlitz Leathers to see if you were still in business. What a nice surprise! I enjoyed reading the letters from customers and thought I would add one of my own (permission given to publish). I bought a “police” style jacket (don’t remember the model name) with detachable fur collar and matching leather pants (with satin lining) from you folks in 1968. At 6’4? and 275 lb. it was hard to find clothes that fit right for riding so I thought I would splurge and have some made. Best decision I ever made! Those jacket and pants had served me well for 39 years of riding (year-’round) but I gave it up in 2007 after a really bad crash. I wasn’t wearing the jacket and pants when I “met” the mini-van so they are still in fine shape due to leather conditioning. I look at them occasionally when reminiscing about riding. Hate to think of selling my old friends but I have no one to give them to and they really need to be “on the road and in the wind.” I’m 68 now and I can still get the jacket on but the pants have “shrunk” around the waist (seems several other old riders who wrote had the same problem. Anyway, thanks for making such a fine product that literally was part of my life for so many years.


today I received your parcel containing the Padded Pocket Columbia and the Padded Competition Breeches. I am speechless and overwhelmed by the manual skill and craftsmanship, by the accuracy with which they are sewn, and by the amazing and absolutely incredible quality of the leather. The jacket as well as the pants fit just perfectly and look really great. To be honest, I prepared myself to disappointments, problems or to the consequences of measurements that may have turned out to be faulty. Instead, be assured that you have another really satisfied client. J I’d like to thank all of you (Dave, Scott, Sean, and the lady/ladies that sew my pants and jacket). Great job! It was a big pleasure to deal with you. Best wishes – cheers from Germany


I received the Sidewinder last Friday. It was so cool and matched as I expected. Length are Good, Good Quality I can feel and Cool looking, so Perfect!!!!!! Because of order made, so I was surprized when I wore it then rode my motorcycle, So comfortable and Good tight feeling. Feels much secure. Thank you for your all help. I will keep my Sidewinder forever and try to keep best condition anytime. Again, Thank you.


I stopped in to one of your competitors in San Francisco(Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, for reference) and checked out their jackets. Now that I own a Langlitz, the only thing their jackets can beat you on is price. The manager went through all the features on their Columbia look-alike jacket with me and the lightbulb went on: this is what the old adage “you get what you pay for” is all about. Now that I’ve got more road miles on my body, and more money in my pocket, I’m glad I paid the premium for the superior quality of your product. In the case of Langlitz, higher cost does actually equate to higher quality!


She`s here!!! Well,I just picked up my latest black beauty,my birthday- and christmas present and she is soooo beautiful!(I learned in school every thing that is beautiful is a SHE !,(and noisy , too.)) You know by now what I am talking about,my newest Langlitz-acquisition , the ultimate LL-Columbia Jacket has finally landed.(one small step for man,one giant leap for Norbert..) She is gorgeous,fits like a glove,you definitely followed all my instructions and wishes,the leather is great ,- pockets and lining are perfect and for the first time the fitted edges are awesome,thank you again for making my day.


The weather here and my schedule finally cleared enough for me to take my new Langlitz on a ride. The jacket fits like a dream! There was no pinching, no pushing. The heavy leather was obviously not yet broken in, so bending my arms at the elbows more than 90 degrees was “interesting”, but this problem will resolve itself as I wear it more. And wear it I will, as normal wear activities on my ElectraGlide were absolutely comfortable. When I got back home, I put some of your leather treatment on it, and can now really appreciate the attention to details Langlitz puts into its jackets. I couldn’t ask for a better product and quicker turnaround on it. I have 3 other non-Langlitz jackets, and yours is the best (even than that from a major New England manufacturer ;-)


Hey Scott and everyone at Langlitz .. Been busy but want to thank you for my Jessie James jacket .. I’ve hardly took it off .. It’s the baddest jacket I’ve ever seen … Keep my measurements I might have you make another one .. About 2 inches longer all the way around … But I do love it guys .. I’ll be back next spring and say hi … The craftsmanship is excellent … I’m so glad. You guys are from the old school … And I have to say the quality of everything you make is the absolute best money can buy and your customer service is unheard of nowadays … Thank you and you should all be very proud of what you do … Cheers !!!