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The K9, (so named for the wonderful chenille patch found on the original one that Ross built in the mid 1950’s), is an unlined goatskin “shirt”. Lightweight, yet tough as nails, the goatskin provides riders the safety you would expect from a Langlitz Leathers product yet is quite comfortable to wear anytime. Where it really shines, is on the hottest of summer days. Enabling safety to be maintained, when typically, the heat would force the abandonment of heavier, lined leathers.

The K9s we build today, are nearly exact replicas of the original “green label” one hanging proudly in our shop. It sports a Cossack collar, a lightweight brass zippered front, “pinking” on many of the edges, eyelets in the armpits matching the original, two chest pockets that snap closed, and zippered sleeves.

Popular options include; swapping the snaps on the chest pockets for zippers, or, leaving the pockets off entirely. Shoulder and elbow pads, or a western yoke. We also had a local knitting company replicate the “K9” patch found on the original. There are a few color options as well. For the absolute pinnacle of comfort in the heat, choose white goatskin!

Product Features:

Chest Pockets


Cossack Collar

Popular Options:

K9 Patch

Western Yoke

Zippered Chest Pocket

Note: Black thread and brass hardware comes standard unless otherwise requested.