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The Columbia was the very first model that Ross Langlitz first built in 1945. It has become an iconic, American Classic. It incorporated several innovations that made for a better performing motorcycle jacket.

The most recognizable feature of the Columbia is an adjustable stiffening band around the base of the jacket.

The band on the Columbia jacket includes gussets on the sides help compensate for weight fluctuation, and enhance temperature control. With optional belt loops, you can sport a real, police grad Sam Brown belt.

Designed specifically for riding, this jacket’s build serves you well both on and off the bike.

The offset front zipper enables you to greatly control your body temperature better than a straight front zipper can. Featuring a semi bi-swing back, for excellent range of motion, forward canted shoulders, and naturally curved sleeves, reaching for your handlebars is easy and unrestricted. With a proper fit at the cuff, the locking zippered sleeve will not ride up your arm in a slide.    Keeping your skin from being exposed to the asphalt is job number one.

The standard configuration of the Columbia comes with two generous hand warmer pockets, that zip closed, and an open map pocket inside. Popular options include external pockets on the biceps, forearm, chest, and a watch pocket. Inside, you can add a zippered wallet pocket, a leather lined, snap-closed “gun pocket”, and a hidden pocket in either armpit. Shoulder and elbow pads, epaulets, a fur collar (either permanent or detachable), a Cossack Collar, and the Sam Browne belts are popular options too. It’s up to you to configure it exactly how you like!


We can help if you have questions. There are many other ways to personalize any of our  jackets, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask us. We’re happy to help you chose the options that will make your Langlitz Leathers Jacket, your last jacket.

Product Features:

Dress Collar

Reinforced Adjustable Band

Offset Zipper with Bottom Snap

Popular Options:



Extra Pockets

Note: Black thread and brass hardware comes standard unless otherwise requested.