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Belts and Buckles

Our pants belts are solid leather.  Note that I didn’t say “Genuine Leather”, because nowadays it seems that “genuine leather” means a micro-thin veneer of leather over a body of “genuine compressed Chinese newspaper”.  You’d be surprised what you see when you punch a hole in things for people.

Our pants belts are 100% American cowhide, around 12oz (9 Irons) thick.  1.75” wide, with a solid brass, single-pin buckle that is easily changeable if you have a buckle of your own you may like to use.  Made right here in Oregon.

We also offer a solid brass belt buckle featuring our classic motorcycles logo.  Note that this style of buckle adds a couple inches to the overall setup, so it’s a great way to gain some length when you’re nearing your belt’s last hole.  Our buckles are made in Utah.

For our Columbia jackets we offer a genuine police grade Sam Browne duty belt.  Not a flimsy, stitched on thing.  A functional, heavy-duty Sam Browne belt, that will hold your gear, and not slip out of the loops when unfastened.  The Sam Browne buckle system was designed for a one-armed General to use.  Once you have it adjusted to the correct length, it takes about one second hook, or un-hook it.  Made of the same 12oz (9 irons) thick leather as our pants belts.  With minimal care, it will last longer than you, and work perfectly the whole time.

Popular Options:

Basket Weave Pattern

Brass Belt Buckle

Note: Black thread and brass hardware comes standard unless otherwise requested.