Duties and Taxes

It is the duty of our customers to pay on their own any taxes due their governments. That is particularly important for international customers.

United States
Oregon does not have a sales tax, and since we do not have a business presence in other States of the Union, we are not subject to the taxing authorities of other States.

Langlitz Leathers has no ability to receive a refund from other entities of fees, duties or taxes paid by our customers, so any requests for refunds of those taxes/duties/fees need to be initiated by the person paying those fees. Langlitz Leathers does not benefit from any taxation by foreign entities, and therefore is not and cannot be held responsible for the fees, duties and taxes levied by those governments. Hence, we will not refund such fees, duties or taxes in the event the customer requests a refund of monies paid to Langlitz Leathers.



We strive to build “The World’s Finest Motorcycle Leathers”, which has been the goal of Langlitz Leathers ever since Ross founded the company in 1947. However, that does not mean that we do not make mistakes. If something is not right with what we build for you, we will try to fix it to the best of our ability. If it cannot be repaired or altered to the satisfaction of our customer, then we will replace it with another or fully refund the customer’s payments (in US Dollars), excluding the return shipping costs and any taxes or customs duties incurred by the customer’s own government. Please refer to our Duties and Taxes section for more information. We accept payments in US Dollars, and all refunds will be made likewise. Payment via credit card simplifies international monetary transfers.

If you need to return a garment for any reason, please CONTACT US PRIOR TO SENDING IT. Often times minor problems can be solved without returning the items, or it may be that specific measurements need to be taken prior to returning them. It is counter productive to send it and then have us return it so you can take a few additional measurements while sitting on your bike!

For all returned items, for whatever reason……ALWAYS include inside the package….

  1. Your name
  2. Your return shipping address
  3. Your phone number and/or email address
  4. The reason for the return….Please include any pertinent email exchanges and explicit details as to what you would like us to do
  5. Credit card information if applicable

Note: Please write legibly….especially your return address and phone number!!!

International Returns:

If you are returning it from outside the United States, please contact YOUR country’s customs department if you have any questions about refunds of their taxes and duties if applicable.  Also, be sure to indicate (mark) on the customs declaration that….

  1. The items contained in the package were MADE IN THE USA.
  2. The items contained in the package are being returned for repairs, exchange, alteration or whatever the reason. That way we can use the incoming documents to submit to your customs folks that you should not have to pay additional duties/taxes when we return it to you.